5 ways how technology shapes the education industry

education industry

The education sector has changed rapidly. It is mainly due to the new developments in the tech industry. Today education is not only about a group of students and a teacher in the classroom with chalk and duster. It is about the interaction between students and teachers in virtual classrooms.  Today parents do not have to wait for the next parent-teacher meeting to check their child’s progress. They simply need to log in and check the ward’s online report card.

1. Emphasis on creative skill development:

With even school going children handling laptops and smartphones with ease education no longer involve just teaching the basic skills. Today it is more important to have a clear idea about skills that will help the student have a brighter future. The focus today is more on vocational guidance rather than traditional schooling. Today school software is used for well organised paperless management of the daily school activities of teachers, students and the entire school staff.

2. The personalisation of learning models:

Now we all know that every student has his own calibre and his own limitations and strengths. In the traditional form of the education system, this fact was ignored and every student had to try to cope up with the same education style. But this picture is changing due to technology. Today customised learning models are available. This helps the student learn at his own pace. He can spend his own time in understanding and grasping the concept.

3. Augmentation of teacher’s role:

Many people may feel that technology has reduced the role of the teacher. This is not true. In fact, technology had given a wider view to the educator. He can now track the progress of his students online and understand with more clarity the drawbacks of each of his students. Based on these inputs the educator can focus on making things easier for the struggling students. With more avenues to better information, the educator can open the doors of immense knowledge for all his students. Technology has made the role of the educator lot more crucial.

4. Increase in remote education:

One of the biggest advantages of technology is that it has increased the scope of remote education. In the earlier days, physical presence in the classroom was a must. For some students, good educational institutes were not available in the close vicinity. While in the case of some people like working professionals, adjustment of timing for the classes is difficult. Due to these many people who aspired to take up higher education had to make the tough decision of giving up higher education.

But technology has changed this completely. Today there are professional institutes like reputed MBA colleges which give the students the option of online courses and remote classroom facilities. The students can attend virtual classrooms from any part of the globe. All that is needed is right to use the internet. In these online sessions, the teachers not only explain the subjects in detail but there are also problem-solving sessions where the students can get their doubts clarified. A large number of working professionals across the country are opting for these online professional courses. Due to the advancement in technology, more number of people can take higher education.

5. Assists individuals to learn on their own:

Technology has made it possible to encourage a number of students to recognise their true potential and to learn on their own. With the help of technological facilities like Ebooks, search engines etc. it has become a lot easier for the students to understand different concepts in greater detail and it has also made it possible for them to connect with different like-minded people on a global platform.  Technology is motivating more number of people to get more involved in education. It is assisting them to learn more skills and is making them a lot more independent and better equipped to face the competitive world.

The traditional education industry was about classroom training and textbooks. Technology had made it more digital in nature. This is evident from the fact that every year the number of online courses from reputed colleges is on the rise. Gadgets like tablets and laptops are today an integral part of the life of every student. The number of students enrolling for online professional courses like MBA is on the rise.

The Verdict

Technology does not only provide online training, but it also makes an online assessment of the student possible. This way technology has completed changed the education sector. There are some drawbacks like students getting addicted to gadgets and lesser human interaction in some cases. But overall it is helping in the better vocational training of students and it has also made it easier for more number of students to pursue professional courses from remote places which were earlier not possible.

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  1. Today parents do not have to wait for the next parent-teacher meeting to check their child’s progress – that line needs a credit. :D)

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