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Good day to you, my friend developer! Nowadays, the front-end branch has gained a lot of popularity and importance. That causes the great boom of the front-end frameworks, as for me, and now we have got a great variety of them.

That’s rather good because of the concurrence we have better products to choose from, and that gives us space for creative thinking and designing something great as well.

That’s not a secret that with the appearance of ReactJS and AngularJS the game has changed. The old era of CSS and HTML ruling for front-end and PHP for back-end has come to its end. To be honest, in some sense, ReactJS has turned everything upside down in the universe of web development, and this makes us figure out why ReactJS is so important for web development.

Let us think about it and immediately get down to the points.

If you ask me, I would say that the salt is in the benefits and reasons that make this amazing technology so important.

First of all, let’s take a look at the benefits of this framework.

Benefits of ReactJS

1. Speed

The first and most important benefit of ReactJS is its speed. It works rather fast and all the web sites or apps that are done with the help of ReactJS are prominent with their speed. Moreover, ReactJS is an unpretentious leader in the field of speed among many other frameworks such as AngularJS or Vue.js. The main secret why it is so fast is that it utilizes different and individual parts of an app on a client- and server sides as well.

2. Performance

ReactJS as technology is highly productive and the same thing we can say about its apps and websites. The main reason and ground for this is its core. The core that makes everything so highly productive includes server-side rendering and virtual DOM as the main component that ensures high performance.

3. Flexibility

ReactJS is well known for its flexibility which appears thanks to the module structure of the components of this technology. Moreover, ReactJS code is easy to maintain and you can reuse it as long as you want. These points make ReactJS much more flexible and that brings a competitive advantage, for sure.

4. Development variety

You might have thought that ReactJS was created just for web development and partially you were right. At first, it was actually so but in time the React team has added the opportunities, tools, and functions to develop for mobile.

5. Usability

You can easily read anywhere that ReactJS is easy to understand and master and… that’s actually true. For an experienced developer, the understanding of the ReactJS takes just a couple of days. And, to be honest, any developer with a good knowledge of JavaScript can be rather simple and without any troubles understand this technology for a short period of time.

The benefits were figured out. Now let’s move to the reasons that make ReactJS so important in web development.

Reasons why ReactJS is so important in web development

1. Easy to learn

As I said before, ReactJS is extremely easy to understand due to its simple logic and for a developer with the knowledge of JavaScript, it’s just a gold ticket. Spend two or three days learning and you will master new technology. This fact makes ReactJS rather attractive among young developers and brings popularity across the world. In IT you can notice that a lot of startups begin to use ReactJS because of its possibility to learn it fast enough.

2. Custom components

The next reason worth noticing is the possibility to build your own components. This gives just enormous freedom to a developer, as I consider. The JavaScript extension – JSX syntax in ReactJS allows any developer to create his or her own components using just skills and imagination.

3. Rich UI

All tools and technological supply in ReactJS allows building just a luxurious and rich UI that provides a really positive and enriched user experience. When you work with ReactJS, be sure, you can ensure the high quality of the UI and that makes your web site or app just brilliant.

4. Fast rendering

This is another reason that makes ReactJS so popular and important. Everybody knows that DOM has a tree structure, this means that changes at the top levels immediately affect the bottom levels of an app and this, in turn, causes troubles from time to time.

The ReactJS developing team has found the solution and integrated the virtual DOM feature. This feature provides the opportunity to calculate risks for any modification with the help of the testing of all of them in the virtual DOM. As a result, you will get a better UI and a high performance as well.

5. SEO friendly

As we have touched the fast rendering, I would like to tell you that because of it ReactJS can reduce page loading time and as a result, it brings better results in Google search pages.

6. Better devs’ productivity

ReactJS with its dynamic, flexible, and fast features uplifts the devs’ productivity well enough.

ReactJS just makes everything easier and reduces different headaches. For example, you can redeploy the same digital objects or reuse some components and lines of code that you need. That makes work enjoyable, faster, and high-qualitative.

7. Code stability

When you use ReactJS for your project development you can be sure that everything will be alright because of code that is stable as hell. In ReactJS data flow and its structure provide the necessary stability and, in turn, smooth performance. When you do some changes in objects you cannot be afraid that the parent structure will be affected by the modifications in the child structure. All you need to do is to modify the states and make proper amendments.

8. Powerful community support

The ReactJS community is amazing because there you are able to find everything: good advice, ready solutions, friends, and a great piece of knowledge for sure. It grows and becomes more and more popular every day and spreads the influence of ReactJS in the world.

9. Dev Toolset

To make the work of a developer more interesting and fascinating the React team has decided to add ReactJS tools and Chrome tools as well. These tools help you disclose different child and parent components, inspect them, and take a close look at their hierarchy.

So, fellows. I think you have already understood why ReactJS has a strong position in web development and so important for it. There are a lot of benefits and reasons for that but you will find the one that fits you the best. Choose any react js development company and develop your project. Code well and have a nice developing day! See you soon!

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