Can Using A Staffing Agency Improve Recruitment Rates?

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People are sometimes disillusioned to think that there are millions of people kicking around just waiting to join a company when they place an advert. Of course, there are millions of people unemployed but depending on the skillset that a company is looking to employ, there may just not be the right people out there ready to fill the roles.

Generally, companies are not experts in recruitment and use conventional means to advertise their roles. Times have changed and that may just not cut it and you may feel the role is not filled or even worse you end up taking on a lesser candidate in order to fill the place.  Using a staffing agency could be an option and here are some of the reasons why.

Catalogue of People

The list of people that an agency has generally been created by people that are actively looking for work in a particular field.  The staffing agency in Phoenix, Corporate Job Bank is a perfect example where thousands of people of all different skillsets and trades have registered their interest and looking for immediate work.  The extensive temp services in Phoenix mean that a company can tap into this at any time and see if the skillset they are looking for has some interest and a pool of people. In addition to this, they can then see the different rates for different employees based on location, experience, education etc.

Temporary Resources

You may not be in a position where you want to recruit additional people into your company on a full-time basis and as a result, hiring temps could be the answer to your problem in the short-term.This way, you can then take people on for potentially a few months to fill a gap. You are then not caught up on complicated contract requirements where you need to give significant notice (or reasons) to let this employee go.


There is a myth that using a temp services agency costs an arm and a leg. Absolutely, you will be required to pay extra money towards salary and joining fees, however, if you look at the money you are also saving. This includes things such as pension contributions and any other payments you would normally be expected to pay out from your business for a full-time employee.  Take a look at the bigger picture as this may not be as costly as you initially anticipate.

Improved Skills

Sometimes individuals just do not want to work for a company, and they prefer to work in isolation for a temp resource company.  For them, there are clearly risks in terms of holiday entitlement, sickness pay and duration of contract, but their hourly rate and charges are generally higher than a full-time employee hourly rate.  This will mean that there is a larger skillset of people potentially registered for these types of companies just waiting to be snapped up.

Overall, it is clear that using a staffing agency in Phoenix can improve recruitment rates.

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