How Bhringraj Helps Hair Health


Modern science has approved various health benefits of Bhringraj powder like managing high cholesterol, liver toxicity, cardiovascular health, arterial pressure, urinary complications, free radical releases with its antioxidant property, skin health, limiting UV rays, and many more. It is also found beneficial in managing gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, intestine health, gastric ulcer, inflammation, pain & swelling associated with ulcer, respiratory issues, and others. Along with that it is found very efficient in fighting against certain bacterial infections and fungus. But people usually prefer to take it for its wide range of benefits to hair health. Here you will find how Bhringraj powder or oil supports your hair to look healthy, shiny, silky, and strong.

Bhringraj and its benefits for Hair health:

A research conducted in 2008 supports the claim that bhringraj helps to promote dandruff reduction, strong hair and its growth. Here you will know how it supports it.

  • Increased numbers of hair follicles: It is found that using bhringraj oil in hair helps to prevent hair loss. Also it is effective in increasing the number of hair follicles. As bhringraj consists of vitamin E it fights against free radicals releases that can have ill effects on hair growth.
  • May avoid graying: In some people gray hair is genetic and some get it by age. Some studies are optimistic about using bhringraj on hair for preventing that process. Loss of melanin or pigment is one of the major reasons behind it, Bhringraj may support your hair to look less gray with its darkening properties.
  • Healthy scalp: Healthy scalp promotes hair health. Bhringraj consists of antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help hair to limit the dandruff which is a dead skin. With its anti- inflammatory properties, it helps to prevent various skin irritations including psoriasis on your scalp. Massaging it on your scalp improves the blood circulation that is necessary for healing the dead skin on the scalp which leads to better hair health.
  • Stomach issues: A healthy gut ensures a healthy body including healthy hair and skin. There are various gut related issues that can be improved by taking Bhringraj powder daily. It effectively deals with gastrointestinal disorders which include dysentery and diarrhea. The powder is made by the leaves that consists of antispasmodic properties that prevents spasms in the urinary bladder, stomach, guts, and intestine. It affects the roots of the hair. With using powder it helps to fight against the stomach diseases and makes the roots stronger.

Nutrients of Bhringraj:

Here are some of the nutrients, Bhringraj powder consists of that helps in better hair health.

  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

Along with the beautiful hair, Bhringraj offers better sleep, prevents urinary tract infections, liver detoxification, headaches, Alzheimer’s diseases’ effects, and many others. So, you can use them but make sure the oil or powder have all the ingredients or combinations written on it. For healthy hair you need to have a healthy scalp so apply the oil on the scalp and massage to your head with fingertips. Keep it on your head for an hour then wash it  with shampoo.

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