How a Middle-Class Family Travel the World by Yacht


Yacht cruises are traditionally seen as short sea trips on small sailing ships with champagne, parties, and diving from the deck. Although this is the usual set of entertainment activities for traveling on a yacht, the list of possibilities that traveling on a yacht can offer is much wider. Since the yachts of large enough sizes have appeared, capable of withstanding long sea and even transatlantic and round-the-world trips, yachts have become much more than just a fancy boat. That is why more and more families invest in yachts, may it new or used yachts for sale in the market.

There are numerous agencies that offer different kinds of trips on a yacht, short and long distance. And that is a great opportunity for those who don’t have their own yacht or don’t want to plan everything. One of such options to check out is the yacht charter in tulum. One of another options to check out is the Ragnar charter. But let’s figure out what it takes to travel the world on a yacht. And is it possible for a middle-class family?

Around the World on a Yacht

Of course, sailing on a yacht around the world can be considered extreme. You should take into account the “hurricane schedule”, that is, the time when sea storms are the most likely to occur, so you need to choose not only warm, but also calm, free from storm sea paths.

Throughout the history of mankind, there were many sailors who made a round-the-world trip on a yacht. At the same time, there are much fewer people who did it all alone. For comparison: there are more people on our planet who flew into space or conquered Everest.

Those who managed to circle the globe on a yacht did not just want to break a record or try to subdue the unruly ocean. They had a desire to go beyond their own capabilities, to demonstrate what a person is capable of, having only a yacht at their disposal.

Yacht Travel: Nuances, Advantages and Disadvantages

When planning a trip on a yacht, it is worth considering that the price of a cruise, as a rule, does not include the cost of air travel to the starting point. You should also be aware of what is included in the tour package in each specific case. The offers of different agencies can differ significantly. Despite belief that yachting is a luxury, sailing can be not more expensive than a regular vacation in Europe.

However, the usual European travel does not give the freedom that you have on a yacht. A similar independence is given only by a car travel when you can go further at any moment and see something else. 

Among the benefits of traveling by yacht are:

  • The opportunity to see small towns, villages and islands that you wouldn’t reach any other way
  • See several countries in one trip
  • Diving and snorkeling during the warm season
  • The ability to independently plan time at the ports of call
  • Sightseeing from the sea

Besides, many people also manage to keep their full time job while travelling the world.

Perfect Yacht for the World Travel

There is no concept of the perfect boat that would suit everyone. Some go around the world to check what they are capable of: they pass through the oceans in harsh conditions at the limit of human capabilities. Others crave speed and new records. And others prefer to leisurely enjoy the freedom that the sail gives, savoring every moment of their journey. Depending on desired experience, the crew size, and financial opportunities, the idea of a perfect boat can differ significantly.

When and Where to Travel

The travel time is usually selected depending on the route, the likelihood of hurricanes in a particular period of the year, the starting point, and other factors. There are a great variety of places where yacht cruises can start – almost as many as for the ordinary cruise ships.

The Main Criteria for Choosing a Route

Ultimately, all sea routes are divided into 2 categories: western and eastern. Sailing to the west is believed to be easier and safer thanks to the constantly blowing favorable ocean winds. An important question is which transition between the oceans to choose? The main routes from the Atlantic to the Pacific are the Panama Canal, Cape Horn, and the Strait of Magellan in southern Argentina. From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, you can get through the Suez Canal, or go around the coast of South Africa. The final choice remains with the captain and depends not only on weather conditions, but also on the cost of anchorage and vessel maintenance, legal and visa issues in different countries, and many other nuances that need to be taken into account before the trip.

In general, a yacht trip around the world usually brings a huge surge of positive emotions and a desire to go on the next such cruise in the foreseeable future!

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