6 home decoration ideas for Wedding function

Wedding decoration ideas

Decoration is the foundation of any event and when it comes to weddings the more the merrier. Ideas are never in short supply for decorating spaces and homes for a wedding and you only need to settle on the right ones to create the difference. The best thing, many rely on home decoration ideas to not only give the occasion a personal touch but also save some cost in the process. You can just be a little creative and use some self-created decoration ideas to add great visual heft to any wedding function in the family.  

Here are some home decoration ideas for a wedding function –

1. String Lights

Any wedding function feels incomplete without the use of string lights. They are always a great way to add elegance and beauty to the space. String lights are fit for any area or space as their visual impact is huge and they can prove an extremely cost-effective way to lend light and luminance to the occasion.  The good thing, you can make string lights at home and meet your needs easily.

2. Rangoli with Candles

Rangoli is deemed auspicious for weddings. Their presence pleases the eye and soothers the heart like no other. For centuries, people have decorated their home using colourful rangolis. Even today you won’t find a wedding without the vibrant colours of rangoli gracing the entrance and key places at the home. Some people add candles and flowers to a rangoli to boost their visual appeal even further. 

3. Colourful cushions & bolster

A wedding function is also about the celebration of people coming together to bless the couple. So, the comfort of the guest should be paramount together with having beauty and elegance all around. You can use colourful bolster pillows and cushions and make your guests feel privileged in true sense. This will make the mehendi function in the backyard memorable. 

4. Bottles & Vases

You can make the best use of empty bottles and vases and add more colour and charm to your wedding decoration. You can pain them with any bold colour or wrap them in colourful sheet and hang them at key places for beauty and elegance. They will not only add visual appeal to the place but also signal creativity from your side.

5. Painted Tyres

You can include the concept of recycling to your home decoration ideas and achieve a new dimension in beauty for sure. A lot of people make use of painted tyres as a flower vase or use them as seats for a function. The types are big and can grab attention easily and their colours can also ensure beauty to the occasion. 

6. Hire inventive range of furniture

Gone are the days when a wedding function was only limited by boring furniture. Thanks to party furniture hire London, you can hire colourful and inventing range of items like chairs, tables, bars, stools sofa etc. and add a great deal of elegance and visual charm to the occasion.

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