5 grooming tips from recruiters what they want from candidates in an interview

grooming tips for interview

Grooming for an interview is nothing like it is in the movies. Most people end up over doing the official look and look like they were teleported from a movie set in the 70s. In some case, they end up looking like they were trying too much. That you are required to make the perfect first impression is something that is both painful and discouraging. The impression you make will determine whether you get the job or not, regardless of how qualified you are. When asked, recruiters had a few tips for you make sure you have a higher chance of getting that job you have been eyeing by making sure you look presentable during your interview.

grooming tips

1. Oral hygiene.

The first thing you need to do when are trying to get ready before that interview is maintained oral hygiene. Put yourself in the shoe of your interviewer. If you were speaking to someone and their mouth had the worst stench, there are high chances you will never want to speak to that person again. So, before you leave the house, floss, brush your teeth and use mouthwash. You may also choose to chew some mint a few seconds before entering the interview room. This will make you certain you will not be giving them bad smelling answers and if you need a good dentist to help you out, check out the professional dental clinic in Worcester MA.

2. Avoid cologne.

People are different. As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. You, therefore, need to ensure that you have a neutral smell during your interview. You may choose a mild fragrant but nothing extreme. With colognes, you might find an interview who does not want any smell around them. For instance, if your interviewer is pregnant, any smell will trigger nausea, and they may not concentrate on your interview. You may annoy them so much they may not want anything to do with you and you may lose your chance at a great job.

3. Leave extra jewelry at home.

You may have amazing pieces of jewelry that intrigue everyone you meet, however, they may not be what you need for your interview. For your interview, you need to make sure you only wear few pieces of jewelry. You also need to consider the impact of the jewelry. Most official clothes do not blend well with large pieces of jewelry. Therefore a simple necklace and a good pair of earrings will do the trick. You do not want anything that will distract your interviewer.

4. Keep your hair neat.

The hairstyle you choose for your interview should be neat and away from your face. This will improve your appearance and make you look simple and approachable. Keep it simple. Make sure that people will concentrate more on what you say rather than how you look. With a simple hairstyle or haircut, you have a higher chance of getting the job. This is also a great time to consider that laser hair removal specialist. Excessive hair on your legs or arms will distract and disgust your interviewer. If you want to have a successful interview, you need to make sure that your skin is smooth and your hair is tidy.

Keep your hair neat

5. Don’t show too much

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror. What are you revealing? If the outfit is showing too much, do not wear to that interview. Most of the fashion accessories today tend to show too much. If it is showing too much cleavage change it. No matter how beautiful your legs are, your interviewer is not interested in them. You want to appear professional. Do not make it seem like you want to seduce your way into that office. When interviewers are distracted by inappropriateness, things do not go very well for both parties.


You need to present your points to the interviewer in neutrality. This will make sure that they can make the right decision. This will also ensure that if you are chosen, you are chosen because you qualified for the position and not because the interviewer loved your legs or a piece of jewelry you were wearing. According to recruiters, choose a simple outfit that does not reveal too much or appear excessive big for you. It should compliment you rather than overshadow you.

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