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In the present time people are more interested in getting a government job rather than working in a private job. Government jobs have gained importance today like never before. This is one area of work for which people are ready to do anything to get the job. They are ready to do any amount of struggle to get a government job because of the security a government job provides which is somewhere missing in case of a private job. Further a in case of a government job the employees get more advantages than in a private job in terms of security as mentioned above and pensions, etc.

Now if we talk about the benefits that a person has in a government job is that a government job employee apart from having safety and security shall have a larger amount of salary followed by increment in several cases for the same work in comparison with a person doing such work in a private job. Moreover the workload in a government job is comparatively less than in case of a private job. Further the bonus, various allowances etc. are more than in the case of the latter job and consequently a fresher or a person seeking a job inclined more towards a government job.

One of the major advantages in government jobs is the pension which is connected with a job when a person retires. Moreover if under any unforeseen circumstances a person loses his life then in such cases any of his family members will get an opportunity for doing the same job or any other government job. So eventually if a job has so many benefits attached along with it then for obvious reasons a person will prefer government jobs instead of private jobs.

Every year there are many vacancies taken out by the government in various sectors of the government jobs giving an opportunity to the freshers for the same. The various government jobs available for freshers in the present year are in the banking sector, railway jobs, police jobs, teaching in government institutions, government jobs, etc which are listed on the Employmenthunt portal.

Government jobs come with proper hours of work with less work load, better status of living, security in jobs, etc. Let us talk about the advantages attached to government jobs in detail.


A government job employee gets a comparatively larger amount of salary for the same work as in case of a private job. Moreover the employee receives the salary at a fixed time of the month without any delay due to any reason but in case of a private job a person may receive a salary later than the due date.


A very important and attractive advantage of the government is the pension you receive when you retire till the time you expire. This gives you security and you don’t have to work in any other place once you retire or suffer for money.


Another important advantage of government jobs is that one doesn’t need to worry about homes, rents, etc in case of many government jobs. The accommodation is provided by the government free of cost to their employees. This is a very great advantage of government jobs.


Nowadays medical facilities have become very expensive and it becomes difficult for people to bear the expenses of the medical treatment and medicines. In government jobs the employees do not need to worry about it as all the medical expenses of the employee and his family is taken care of by the government.


A government job employee has more holidays than in case of a private job and less workload. This is another important advantage of a government job.


The employees in a government job get a salary on time and therefore they enjoy a sense of security in their lives. This is a major tension of employees to get salary on time which is relieved in case of government jobs where the salary is given on time.

These are some of the benefits of working in a government sector but one must choose to work whether in a government sector or private depending upon his interest and skills.

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