Galaxy S21 5G: everything you need to know about the model


If you are curious about the Galaxy S21 5G, do not miss the chance to read some highlights of this model.

Since the release of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung added three new S21 models to its S line: the Galaxy S21 5G, the Galaxy S21+ 5G, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, this one being the utmost high-end smartphone model from the company. Within the release of S21 with the new 5G technology, this is the greatest cell phone for people who prefer a compact, yet powerful, device.

With innovations inside and outside, Samsung Galaxy S21 5G comes with the latest chipset of Qualcomm and a new classy design that may convince you to update your Samsung cases. Here, we have listed some highlights of the new model.

5G technology

In the US, the version with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 that introduces the 5G technology is the choice Samsung is going for. But what exactly does that mean? The 5G network is not only a higher speed network to surf the web, but it also improves the responses between the smartphone and gadgets, having extremely low latency. That translates into a handset that connects to everything rapidly, without overloading the software of the phone and having a more stable usage.


The sales of S20 and S20+ were not the best ones, so Samsung dropped the initial price of Galaxy S21 5G, starting at $799, which means a $200 cut in comparison to S20 line starting price last year.

In order to manage the price cut, some changes were made but not all of them are exactly welcomed among the users, such as the display resolution at 120Hz and not HD — the “problem” was later solved within the S21 Ultra 5G, which allows the user to change or even use both resolutions at the same time.

The S21 5G also does not have an extra Micro SD slot, meaning you can not expand the memory of the smartphone. Samsung says the change is due to a performance decrease experienced in smartphones with this feature available, but it was also one of the reasons people preferred Samsung to Apple. Following Apple’s path, Galaxy S21 5Gand S21+ 5G are available with two internal storage options: 128 GB and 256 GB.

Lastly, following the market trend since iPhone 12, Galaxy S21 5G does not come with a charger nor earphones. Such as Apple, Samsung says the absence of the charger helps lower the carbon footprint, therefore, the company is investing in wireless earphones (the earbuds), compatible with Samsung smartwatch and other devices.

Since we are talking about battery, Galaxy S21 5G maintains the 400mAh battery, while S21+ 5G had a sensible upgrade to 4800 mAh, but both of them are expected to have a greater energy autonomy since the upgrade of core processors with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 880.


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G lost the backing glass, replacing it with polycarbonate, and brought a new set of colors, called “phantom colors”, including metallic and almost holographic tones, such as the new Phantom Pink and Phantom Violet.

Besides, there is also a small replacement in the camera set, surrounded by a metallic plate and fully integrated into the frame of the smartphone. It is purely aesthetic innovation, but the combination with the metallic plate on the camera set really translates into a more elegant and sophisticated smartphone. The screen also lost its rounded edges in the front and adopted a flatter visual, which, for some people, enhances the infinity display feature, a classic brought by Samsung since Galaxy 8 generation.

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