Emerging IoT Technologies You Need To Know In 2021

IoT Technologies

IoT technology is taking the world by storm. It is a complex ecosystem that can communicate with each other. These technologies have a great impact on organizations, which affecting business strategy, risk management, and technical areas like architecture and network design.

Several organizations have started utilizing IoT to architecture immaturity and managing the risks. In today’s tech-savvy world, devices of every shape and size are connected on a global scale. Especially in this pandemic time, when human contacts need to be least, the connection between the devices, tools proves beneficial.

Hence, let’s dig in some of how the IoT technologies can be utilized to their best in the year 2021:

1. IoT Operating System:

Traditional operating systems such as Windows and iOS were not designed for IoT applications. Since they consume more power, it require a fast processor, and do not guarantee a real-time response. This Modern IoT operating system utilizes cloud computing technology to control IoT devices from anywhere in the world. With the availability of a memory footprint and higher efficiency, each IoT operating system can be presented to fulfill the user’s requirement.

2. IoT Security:

Several security technologies will be required to protect IoT devices and platforms from cyberattacks to encrypt their communications and to face challenges. IoT security accounts for more than 30% of every network-connected enterprise endpoint. It’s high time for CISOs and security leaders to move past legacy solutions and consider a complete IoT approach. It comprises the critical stages of IoT security.

3. Stream Computing:

The IoT applications generate high data rates which can be analyzed in real-time. In enterprises, where there is a requirement of several data systems to store data. These systems generate thousands of events per second and millions of events per second can occur in some situations. Distributed stream computing platforms have emerged which can process high-rate data streams and perform tasks like real-time analytics.

4. Healthcare Investment

IoT has transformed the way the healthcare department used to function. From telemedicine to automated homes for the elderly and disabled, smart wearables, sensors, and connected devices will continue the way the healthcare department functions. These IoT facilities are important during the time of pandemic where the risk of viral contamination like Covid-19 is at utmost risk.

This includes the utilization of AI to detect falls or any changes to daily routines. This adaption can also be used to determine to detect the deterioration in the health of people.

5. Smart City

The IoT technology is used to monitor traffic on road networks, public transport, and the utilization of civic amenities in the smart city. It also records the utilization of energy in homes and businesses so that the supply can be balanced to meet demands during peak hours.

In the upcoming years, IoT can also be used to build digital capabilities within municipal authorities to enable better technologies. On an additional note, IoT technology allows authorities and businesses to better understand patterns of usage to efficiently plan safety measures and emergency response strategies.

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