Financial Transaction Checklist For Your Office To Ensure Complete Security

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When you run a business, you need to provide your customers flexible payment options and one important way of making payments is through credit card. Most small business owners rely on credit card processing companies to set up and run the payment services for them so that they can focus on improving their relationships with their clients.

However, many credit card processing companies charge hidden costs in the name of security features, integration of payment processing system, setup, and maintenance costs. You need to find a company that is genuine and whose dealings are very transparent.

At Core Financial Processing, they have tailor-made credit card merchant processing solutions for every small to large business owner they partner with. They work provide payment solutions to a wide range of industries including dental and cosmetic surgeons, e-commerce websites, non-profit organizations, corporate offices, and restaurants. Their processing systems are based on the latest technologies and ensure that all payments at your office happen quickly and seamlessly.

Credit card processing merchants’ checklist

The needs for every business are different and hence, the payment processing system should be tailor-made to suit those needs and make it easier for the customers to get their payments processed in no time. Some of the factors that you should check before partnering with a reliable credit card processing company are:

  1. Setup process:
  2. The entire set up process should not be long enough.
  3. Every delay is going to cost you, so you want the process to be quick and easy.
  4. Costs and fees involved:
  5. This is one of the most important features of a genuine and reliable processing company.
  6. While all companies charge some form of transaction fees, we need to check how often they are charging and if there are any additional charges involved.
  7. Customer support services they provide:
  8. If you are facing some troubleshooting issues, you will need a customer care service that can help you in getting it fixed.
  9. It is also important to have a good support staff to help you in building a trustworthy relationship with the processing company.
  10. Use of equipment and types of payments that they accept:
  11. You can have simple terminals for accepting credit card payments or advanced app-based systems.
  12. You need to ask the card processing company about what types of equipment would be required for installing card terminals or POS systems.
  13. You also need to know if they will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards or not.
  14. Secure transactions:
  15. You need to know what fraud protection tools and technologies they provide.
  16. There should be fraud protection in both online and offline transactions.
  17. Check if the merchant you are partnering with supports CW2 verification or SSL certificates.

One most important factor that you should be very careful about as a business owner is to prevent fraud at all costs. Most new technologies have in-build security features such as encryptions to prevent fraud. Therefore, partner with a reliable company that provides the best payment processing solutions, and has a transparent costing system.

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