Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat – Which Story Platform is Right for your Business

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The feature of disappearing video sharing was first introduced by Snapchat in 2011 and later adopted by Instagram in 2016 with some added features like filters, stickers and text overlay. And in 2017, Facebook too got into the game with its own unique filters and option of cross-platform sharing.

The format of disappearing videos is rapidly growing with endless possibilities. But how to decide which platform will yield the best results for your brand, let’s compare them.


  • Emerging winner among younger audiences

Snapchat is loved by the users of all ages but is most popular among the teens.

It emerged as the most preferred platform by the young demographic and the popularity keeps on growing.

  • Highly engaged users

Each day, approx 10 billion videos are watched and more than 3.5 billion snaps are shared by the Snapchat users.

On an average, a Snapchat user spends half an hour each day on this platform, opening it for around 25 times in a day.

  • Spontaneity and Transparency

Snapchat operates on the prime principles of authenticity and openness. It is more spontaneous and transparent as compared to its competitor platforms.

Brands can use this to build a loyal fan base from the users who defy the traditional advertising methods.

  • Fun and Playfulness

Fun features like Geofilters (custom features based on user’s geographic location) and Sponsored Lenses (face-altering frames) can be harnessed by the businesses to playfully capture user’s attention.

All a brand need is a great idea which no user can resist.

  • Snap Ads

10 second sponsored videos that appear between Snaps persuade users to swipe up and view larger content/website.

Ads perform well on Snapchat as compared to other platforms, grabbing more visual attention from the users.


Even before the introduction of Stories in 2016, Instagram had a massive user base. The disappearing videos encouraged more user engagement and increased the time spent to around half an hour each day.

  • Demographic not as young as Snapchat

From more than 500 million Instagram users, 300 million users are watching Stories daily.

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram doesn’t skew just young users who are under 30, but there is a huge number of users who are 30-49 year old.

  • Some Common Features

When Stories were introduced on Instagram, it facilitates the brands to use a single platform for both candid videos and curated content.

Instagram Stories have many similar features to Snapchat. Some of them include face filters, stickers, text along with a newly added GIF support for the meme-loving masses.

  • Getting Traffic from Stories

Instagram Stories have the option to add links in the stories, directing the users to visit an external URL, which derive traffic and engagement for the brands.

  • Facilitate User Engagement

Instagram stories let brands create an effective story which influences users to join in the conversation and be the part of the brand community.

Features like “Polls”, let story viewers vote between two options. Such engaging features keep the users enticed to your brand as they keep coming back.

  • Story Highlights

Unlike regular stories which disappear after 24 hours, “Story Highlights” are pinned stories which stay on the top of your feed for as long as they are pinned.

They can be used by brands to display their top performing stories, new products, and latest announcements.


Facebook is the social media giant with a shocking 1.4 billion daily active users. Facebook Story feature was launched in March 2017, with almost identical features to the Instagram Stories.

  • Largest Audience

With a massive amount of users, Facebook leads the chart in terms of target audience.

Though Facebook Stories are not as popular as Instagram or Snapchat, and it may be because of the audience demographics which are almost similar for both the teens and elders, brands can use that to approach to the largest audience with the engaging and attractive content.

  • Wide Potential for Brands

Facebook is comparatively new to the concept of Stories but is committed to make this feature a success.

So it is like a blank slate for the brands with a huge potential in future. The regular updates and new features keep rolling out to increase the usability and visibility of the stories.

  • Cross-Platform Posting

Facebook Stories can be posted and shared to other platforms generating high-performing ad opportunities like any other promoted videos and posts, making Facebook a better ROI provider than any other social media platform.

  • Group Stories

The latest and most unique feature of Facebook Stories is Group Stories which allow users to contribute their part of a story from an event on Facebook to the event page directly.

This facilitates more user-generated content, creating more opportunities for the brands to promote themselves while keeping the followers engaged in the activities.


Keeping your brand values and objectives in mind, you can narrow which platform is most suitable for you. Also note, which exciting feature can work best with your content strategy.

If you want user opinion for your product, try a poll in an Instagram story. If you are hosting an event/party, try Group Stories on Facebook to engage attendees. If you are targeting youth for brand awareness, try a Snapchat Sponsored Filter.

One way to make sure which is the best platform is to try out all the three. Compare the views and reach, and you will get to know which yield better results.

Whatever you try, just make sure that you take full advantage of the available options. Keep your users engaged with authentic, insightful content which represents the true brand value and identity.

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