How To Take Your Tech Career On The Road

Tech Career On The Road

The worldwide tech industry reached $5 trillion last year, and this industry growth is reflected in the workforce with businesses posting thousands of tech jobs each month. If you are in the market for a new job, then the potential for careers in technology is virtually limitless. The explosion in the use of technology across most industries has seen a wide field for tech professionals looking for a good career in the field they are interested in. But if your other passion is driving, then it’s possible to combine the two for a rewarding career.

Careers On The Road

While you may see viewing driving as part of your job to be a bonus, it’s not something that you should think of lightly. Around 1.35 million people are killed each year as a result of a road traffic collision and being on the road much more for your job, increases your risk of being involved in a collision. The vehicle you drive plays a key role in helping you avert a collision and reduce the likelihood of injury. Choose a car model that’s known for its quality, economical to run and will be comfortable when driving long distances.

Tech Sales

As both new and large tech businesses pursue aggressive growth, sales professionals have become increasingly in demand. Technology sales mean you’ll be on the road every day dealing with existing and potential customers across the country. While the products and services you will be selling will likely be very technical, the people you are selling to may not be. You will, therefore, need to explain in a way that can be understood by people without a technical background. Tech sales careers could see you traveling all over the country, even the world and offers a great opportunity to carve a niche for yourself in the tech industry.

Tech Journalist

The world of technology moves at an incredibly fast pace. This means it needs journalists who are at the cutting-edge of the industry and able to report on up to the minute tech news and developments, product reviews, tips and advice. To ensure they are always at the centre of the latest in tech development, tech journalists have to take the road to attend product launches, technology conferences and keep in touch with up and coming tech businesses.

A career in the technology sector is varied and rewarding, with great job prospects and opportunities for personal development and top salaries for the best people. But if your other passion is driving and you are keen to pursue a career behind the wheel, then with a little research and creative thinking it is possible to combine the two.

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