Easy ways to Spot an Email Scam

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The internet is an essential communication tool for many. It allows you to converse with friends, share reports, send emails, shop, and do many other tasks online. However, it makes it easier for criminals to reach victims, and thousands of scams happen each day. Often, we get exposed to email scams and questionable online offers. If you fall victim, you can easily lose your valuable data.

Here’s how to spot email scams:

1. Verify the sender’s address

Always check the origin of the email. Scammers can change the sender’s address to resemble the company they are purporting to contact you from. In most cases, email scams have strange email addresses that look very genuine.

To verify whether the sender’s address is accurate, right-click on the sender’s name to get their email address. Compare it with the company’s address to identify and discrepancies. To secure your devices and systems from cybersecurity threats, hire it managed services to create a more secure workplace.

2. Check the requested information.

Most email scams ask for personal information such as;

  • Bank details
  • PIN
  • ID number
  • Credit card security code
  • Credit card number 
  • Your mother’s maiden name

However, most organizations won’t ask for personal information via email, thus making such emails a scam. If unsure whether the email is legitimate or not, contact the company featured in the email to find out.

3. Check spellings& Grammar.

Nowadays, it’s rate to spot spelling and grammatical mistakes in phishing emails. But you should still check anyway. If you spot grammatical errors and lack of consistency in the presentation of the mail, think twice! This may include things like; different font styles and sizes and a mismatch in the logos.

4. Check the brand logo.

 Scammers often pretend to send mails from big corporations, deal sites, or trusted government bodies. Check the branding and be keen on the quality of the logo used. If you spot poor quality logos, the email is highly likely to be a scam. Moreover, if the logo doesn’t match your previous emails from the same organization, be cautious; this might be a scam.

5. Countercheck the linked sites

Most email scams come with links to specific websites. If you click on the site hoping that it’s genuine, ascertain the site’s authenticity before proceeding. If the site belongs to a giant company, open another tab and search the company. Compare the URL address and see if they match. If they are not similar, the landing page isn’t genuine. If you haven’t clicked, don’t be too hasty to open the link.

Should I hire a cybersecurity company?

Businesses face various security risks. Whether you own a small or large business, you must put proper security measures in place to avoid hackers. The common cybersecurity threats are malware, phishing, password attacks, and viruses.

A cybersecurity firm will help you secure your IT systems from scams and attacks. If you run a business, you want to safeguard your valuable data and avoid unauthorized persons from accessing it.

The bottom line

Spam emails are not only annoying but are dangerous. You can easily compromise your information by clicking on the provided links. To avoid this, know how to identify email scams and hire the best cybersecurity firm to secure your systems. This way, you keep scammers at bay and stay safe.

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