Diesel Power Generator is an indispensable part of some of these top industries!

Diesel Power Generator

Power generator sets are an indispensable part of any Industrial set up as they are either the prime source of additional source of power. Power is a basic raw material that runs any functional unit. It is a major concern and the lack of it can create a huge bottleneck in any setup whether domestic or commercial. The government also lays down guideline for production of ample power and underlines its importance.The multiple ways of power production include solar, thermal, wind and hydel and the supply function can be through grid or standalone depending on the scale and requirements.

The generators are fundamentally classified based on the types of fuel consumed and each has different features as described:

  • Diesel generators: One of the most popular fuels used in generators is diesel and it is the most easily available one too. Basic advantages are low flammability of the fuel, lesser price, consistency, and longlife and fuel efficiency. These are also available at remote locations and are quite handy and portable.
  • Petrol generators: These are as good as diesel generator but operating cost increases when compared with diesel. Petrol is also a slightly more difficult fuel to get which can be a hindrance.
  • Gas generators: These generators employ either natural gas or propane which are cleaner fuels and environment-friendly. These create less noise than most generators.
  • Solar generators: These generators use sun to produce electricity. The advantage of solar generator is less noise and less pollution, less running cost and abundant supply of sunlight anywhere. The disadvantage is higher cost of acquiring.
  • Hybrid generators: These use a combination of solar energy with other sources of fuels and can run on solar energy during day and on other fuels during night or even when sunlight is not available during daytime.

Among the above types of generators, diesel generator are the most widely used and in different type of industries too. They are such an important requirement as they ensure constant backup and portability which makes them crucial in industries where they just can’t o without power. Below are the top facilities that use diesel power generators:

Mining Industry: Diesel generators have a huge role in the Mining industry and almost 70% of the power in mining operations comes from these generators. The industry uses equipment like drillers, excavating machinery, cranes and conveyor belts. Diesel power generators are preferred there as they are portable and can be carried in mining zones and also as they are less inflammable that reduces the chances of explosions in deep mines. This is a case in mines where gasoline is generated.

Healthcare Industry: Being one of the most sensitive setups, healthcare industry needs a strong backup in terms of power as the risk of life is associated with it. Diesel generators come handy in such a scenario and they promise better backup in cases of power failure.The intensive care unit (ICU) has many life support machines like oxygen pumps and they need constant power backup. Diesel generators are reliable backup source for hospitals as they can be maintained easily and uninterrupted power is assured.

Commercial Industry: These industries deal with money and power failure can result in huge revenue losses. A power blackout in such a commercialcenter can cause huge loss at cash register, security issues and other challenges any automated equipment. A diesel engine generator allows the unit to protect business interests, keep the operation running, protect revenues and maintain security.

Oil & Gas Industry: The industry where every second counts as the downtime needs to be low. Diesel generators are an important part of such an industry as these provide power in gas and oil fields for drilling, pumping, loading Operations in such remote locations. These places need diesel generators as no power grids are available in such regions and they employ all themodern drilling machines that need reliable and efficient power backup which can only be provided through diesel generator.

Construction Industry: This industry has to employDiesel generators otherwise their activities getsstalled. It is important to ensure interrupted power supply at construction sites. Lack of power backup can cause delay in construction and this can turn costly for the builders. Such sites 24/7 lighting with construction equipment and communication equipment.These generator provide necessary backup and are also portable so they can be moved betweensites easily.

Manufacturing Industry: Such industries work on economies of scale and slight power disruption can affect volumes and production. The quality of the final product is also dependent on power. A production line for a manufacturing unit is the most important thing and blackouts can disrupt that entirely which is why it is crucial to keep power backup at all times. The need for diesel engine generators is for emergency power in such an industry.

Telecommunications Industry: Such industry that employ computers and huge servers are a must in most industries and they should be maintained to be able to access data at any time.If these servers are unavailable at any time then it can cause data theft of even hacking in such a setup which can cause huge problems. So diesel generators come handy in telecommunication and data centers for power backup.

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