Demand of Android Development

Android Development

An Android Developer is a Software Developer who expert in designing applications for the android marketplace. Android is an open-source and Linux based operating system for mobile devices like smarts phones and tablet computers. Android offers application development for mobile devices mean the role of the developer is only developing for android & their application should be run on different devices powered by android. Software Development Kit is the first beta version of the Android was released by Google in 2007.  The main role of the Android Developer is a skilled, entry-level position. Who wants to career in android development must require a bachelor’s degree in software development or a related field, but they typically not require any work experience as an Android Development.

Android software development

Android software development nothing but the process which is used to create a new application for devices running the Android operating system. With the help of different languages such as Kotlin, Java, C++, JavaScript, C, or assembly language Android apps can be written. Android is a customizable mobile operating system. Android is created by Google for use on touch screen devices. It’s the most popular operating system. In today’s scenario, the use of Android is increase day by day. Mainly installed on smart devices such as TVs and watches.

How Android Play Important Role in Software Development?

Android plays a very important role in software development. Android is one of the most trending platforms available in the market. With over 85% market share worldwide. Google always updates its OS with a newer version containing business-friendly features and enhanced security. Enterprises are always happy to accept it to develop their custom Android app.

Jobs in Android Programming and Development

In today’s scenario, 2 billion mobile devices used the Android operating system, the great market available for Android applications. Job opportunities for Android are very vast and in which include the positions for Android app developers, engineers, QA experts, UX designers and more. Android experts are in high demand and enjoy very secure jobs at competitive salaries. First, you search for android development company in India. So fresher has a great opportunity to make a career in android software development and grow your career.

Explore a Career in Android App Development

Mobile app development offers many fruitful and provocative career options. Enroll in the first Android app development course and learn how to develop your own application and how to grow your career in Android App Development. If you want your career in development then this is the definitely correct opportunity for you to see if this career path is right for you. Exploring a career in software development via mobile apps is a fantastic way to build an immediate impact on e-commerce companies and other institutions around the world.

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