Tips to utilize your RBL credit card while traveling abroad

RBL credit card

Credit Card can prove to be your saviour in situations where immediate cash is required or you need to clear off some impending loans at a short notice. Once, your RBL credit card application status has been positively confirmed and you have received the card, using the same while travelling abroad is also virtually a child’s play.

Using the RBL Credit Card Globally

In cases where the RBL credit card has to be used while travelling abroad, one needs to ensure beforehand that the credit card has been activated for global validity. This can be done immediately after the RBL credit card application status has been verified. If the credit card has been opted by the customer for global usage at the time of purchase, it can be used for making any kind of purchase abroad.

However, if the card has been marked for domestic validity only at the time of purchase, the preferences can be changed. The process is very simple and by sending an SMS as INTL, the card can be changed from domestic to international. This SMS has to be sent to the number 5607011. The card is thereafter upgraded to global or international validity within 24-48 hours of requesting this service. The customer will also be notified of the request and the status of the card as it changes from domestic to global.

Tips to use the Credit Card Globally

  • The first step for using your RBL credit card effectively overseas is to ensure that the card has been activated for global use. Once enabled, an international transaction can also be done without the use of an OTP or PIN of any kind. In cases where a payment gateway outside India is being used, the same is not mandated by RBI; hence OTP authentication might not be required.
  • The RBL Bank will, however, send you an SMS for the transaction being done through the card.
  • The liability to enable or disable international spending is given by RBL Bank to the customer as per the directions of RBI and thus the card can be used judiciously.
  • In cases where the customer decides to enable the international spending option, they can set their own credit limit, as per the requirement.
  • In cases where the customer disables the international use option, the RBL credit card cannot be used at an international location merchant outlets, international shopping websites and international ATMs.
  • Some charges are also involved when you shop online or purchase any item through your RBL Credit Card globally.
  • Foreign transaction charges are generally incurred by the customer when they use RBL Credit Card or any other Indian credit card overseas. This is due to the reason that a foreign transaction fee is applicable on any credit card transactions outside of the country where the card has been issued.
  • This transaction fee is generally 3% of the total purchase price, hence it is always advocated that the credit card should be used wisely while shopping overseas.
  • Foreign currency conversion fee is also charged for any purchase done through the RBL Credit Card or any other credit cards of a similar nature. This is due to the inculcation of Dynamic Currency Conversion as this fee is charged by overseas merchants to convert the transactions into the currency which is in use in their country. Therefore, while making a purchase through credit card overseas, this aspect too should be kept in mind.
  • Cash Advance fee is also applicable to RBL credit card and other credit cards of similar nature. In cases, when credit cards are used overseas, withdrawal of cash through this card will increase the fee further. Every time a cash withdrawal is done through the card, an additional fee of 1-4% might be applicable.

It is recommended that you get in touch with the RBL Credit Card Customer Care representative prior to heading overseas. The executive will readily provide you will all the emergency contact details, the services of which might be required in case of any eventuality.

Carrying an RBL credit card with global validity will ease your foreign sojourn to a great extent if the card is used wisely. Pack your bags and head to your favorite destination; Don’t forget to carry your RBL Credit Card along!

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