Communication trends that will help you make the most of the post-lockdown world

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The last 18 months have been unlike anything we have experienced before and the majority of us agree things won’t go completely back to how they used to be. Communication trends changed dramatically when the world got locked down and we can expect that to continue in the months to come.

But how can we make the most of the change in communication trends, post-lockdown?

Pivot your internal communications strategy

Before lockdown began, the standard email inbox sends and receives 120 emails a day according to The Radicati Group. Since the lockdown, most businesses have implemented communications platforms that cut through unnecessary noise and just deliver key information.

Businesses that establish an open and honest, transparent, and timely communications system with employees, see improvements in performance, because the workforce feels engaged.

Consider disaster recovery planning so that your communications strategy is ready for anything, even another lockdown! This includes making sure everyone has access to instant messaging and file sharing, so your employees are always in the loop, even in the event of a disaster or sudden unforeseen circumstances.

Communicate with purpose

The companies that came out on top during the pandemic were those who understood the purpose behind what they were communicating. Covid-19 seems to have created a community led society.

Companies who stay true to their values when engaging with key stakeholders have done the best throughout the pandemic. We expect this culture of honesty and integrity to be carried forward well after Freedom Day. 

Effective communications and engagement around mental health

Despite mental wellbeing being a major item on the corporate agenda prior to the lockdown, the issue is expected to become even bigger in a post-Covid world. The conversations that managers and those responsible for mental health within the workplace have with worker after the pandemic will be critical to staff wellness.

Lots of organisations, such as Marketing Communications News, are urging businesses to take staff audits to understand how they’re feeling and how they would like to proceed going forward. Leaders need to be careful that they don’t make assumptions about the comfort of staff coming back into the office, or the ability of staff to continue working from home.

Be more human

It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea of the corporate machine, but let’s not forget that behind the screens and communication channels – we are human after all.

One communications strategy that took the forefront during the first lockdown were video messages from high level managers to employees and even on social media.

Employees take a level of comfort from knowing that their management team is in the same position as them. It would be good for employee morale and engagement to keep offering updates in this form, as it allows employees to emotionally connect with their peers, bosses, and the brand itself.

As we enter into Freedom Day and beyond, the above advice should assist you with developing your communications outputs in a world that is still healing.

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