Best Office Gifts: 7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Give Your Coworkers


Is it your co-workers birthday or do you simply want to show them some appreciation?

The best office gifts are a nice way of showing gratitude and it’s a way to establish a good relationship with the people you work with. No matter how expensive or cheap a gift may be, it’s nice to show your thoughtfulness.

Research shows that giving a bad gift can hurt your relationship, but don’t fret, giving bad gifts are rare. But if you can’t help but overthink, then take a look at this list of choices you can give as gifts for your coworkers. The best theme party to help enjoy this is the ugly sweater party.

1. For A Good Drink

One of the best office gifts is a simple mug. It’s a good, simple gift for coworkers who love to have a cup of coffee or tea at the office. Having customized mugs by how you see their personality or designed creatively is something that may elevate their spirits.

It’s a gift that’s easy on your wallet and several of your coworkers can receive it too.

Water bottles are also a good choice for a portable hydrating gift. It’s a thoughtful gift for early-bird coworkers who need a great pick-me-up. Moreover, offers the best services when it comes to custom bottled water so visit them in case you are looking for the best options in this regard.

2. Green Thumb Gifts

Potted plants or flowers serve as an aesthetic design in the office or home and they can also influence the mood of your coworkers. Plants have different symbolism for emotions, ideas, actions, and personalities.

Choosing a plant that suits your coworker’s personalities can show that you got to know them.

Be careful, however. You need to know if your coworkers don’t have any allergies towards specific flowers or plants.

3. For Lighting and Scents

A beautifully wrapped scented candle is a thoughtful gift that is easy on your wallet. It offers mood-boosting properties, luxurious appeal, and has relaxing properties.

Small humidifiers are also a great gift because it helps avoid dry or stuffy air. One also helps prevent germs from spreading and they can help deal with chapped hands, skin, and lips. Handmade soy candles are also a great choice for your co-workers who love scented candles.

4. Practical Office Gifts

It’s nice to give practical gifts, like those available at EasyPrint, especially if they’re the type that borrows a lot from you. Give them something that they’re sure to use often, especially when it comes to things for gadgets like a phone case, a portable battery, or a phone stand.

5. Beauty and Wellness Gifts

You’ll never go wrong by giving them gifts that will help in a dry and tiring day. Try giving them make-up or something that will help them relax like a coupon for a free massage. You can also give them things like soap or bath bombs to let them enjoy and relax when they get home.

6. Clothing and Accessories

If you know your coworker’s clothing style, then give them something that clicks with their fashion. Bracelets makes great gifts, especially when the accessory holds significance, like a red string bracelet symbolizing luck, wealth, and protection. Christmas pajamas would also be a nice gift.

7. Homemade Gifts

Why purchase a gift when you can try to make something by hand? Things like a handmade sweater, bag, bracelet, or scrapbook can go a long way in building a strong relationship.

Get the Best Office Gifts For Your Coworkers

These are some of the best office gifts that are simple and don’t let you spend too much. Your coworker will be thankful for these gifts because it shows you care.

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