Commercializing the Entertainment Industry With Female Models

Entertainment Industry

It is said or has been stated that human beings are progressive. We are the most intelligent kind of creature on the Earth, we have brains which are used for most critical purposes. We have the facility to read, write, and learn.

On the overlook of the Earth, we have all the creatures with brains but it is like the age-old tradition is to use women or pictures of women for advertising anything. But it is high time that it is very unfair to use women for any advertising purpose.

Women are depicted buying most products and most brands as a woman to bring more audience or customer audience. Women have been considered a commodity for the ages. Almost 90% of commercial advertisements have been based on women.

When we talk about feminism and equality then why would women still be commercialized? It is the 2020 and many of the movies have been done with women leads but that did not curb the advertisement producers to cut down the number of the women as the models of the ads.

Some of the ads like, when it comes to any advertisement related to cooking or any advertisement related to fashion or cosmetics, usually choose women models for the advertisement. It is believed that due to the portraying of the female models the sales of the product psychologically show an increase.

Facts About Using Women Models for Advertising

  • It is believed that almost 85% of the purchases happen due to the involvement of the women in the advertisement.
  • Whereas 91% of the women advertisers say that they have failed to understand the reason for doing so.
  • About 73% of the women population run household spending in the US.
  • Women buyers at least make 58% of the purchase in e-commerce Business.
  • At least 20% of the women buyers buy stuff online every day
  • Very surprisingly almost 40% of the female buyers do the research of the product online and buy the stuff offline.
  • On average women come across almost 400 advertisements per day and in most cases they do watch all of them.

But luckily these concepts have been changing recently and now the male models are being taken up for the same purposes. Now men have been used for similar advertisements and now the point of view has been changing gradually.

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