How To Clean Your Phone Properly To Avoid Spread Of Germs?

Clean Your Phone

The coronavirus pandemic has made every person stay clean and also keep everything around them clean. Healthcare professionals say washing hands regularly is the most important thing you need to do to avoid being infected by the virus. However, the World Health Organisation has clearly stated that viruses might spread through your phone, and thus, you need to clean it regularly. If a lot of people use your phone, it becomes even more vital to do so. If not coronavirus, you definitely won’t want any virus or bacteria to spread.

Your phone is your third hand.

Why do we say that your phone is like a third hand? This is because you always touch it and keep it with you every time. If you’re going out to eat, or if you’re travelling or if you’re playing or even if you’re going to the bathroom, you take your phone with yourself. This is what increases the chances of your cell phone carrying more than 17000 bacterial gene copies. If we would ask you not to take your phone everywhere, you would simply ignore it. So, we have a better alternative – clean your phone just once a day, and you’re away from any type of virus.

How to clean your phone without damaging the screen?

  • Switch off your phone before you use any cleaner or spray to clean it.
  • You might think household cleaners are a great option for cleaning your phone. To be honest, they aren’t. They are quite effective in bathrooms, counters, and other surfaces but are way too hard on your phone. Instead, using disinfectant wipes are a much safer option.
  • Don’t submerge your phone in cleaning liquid. Not even if it’s waterproof. This is the most commonly made a mistake.
  • You might have a tendency to spray the cleaner directly on the screen of your phone. You should avoid doing this. Rather, spray it on a microfiber cloth and then wipe off the screen.
  • If you too have a habit of using any paper towel for cleaning your phone, beware. Wiping the screen using abrasive cloths has the chance to cause scratches.
  • You should avoid strong rubbing alcohol, aerosol sprays, and bleach. If you are to use bleach wipes, wipe the screen with it a little, then put a cheap tempered glass and clean the phone. This will avoid any damage to the screen. For more tips visit Hotozcoupons or Dealvoucherz.

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