How Blogger Outreach Can Help You Grow your Business

Blogger Outreach

You probably already know how to create compelling articles for your blog and know how to drive traffic to those pieces to get more views, like, and shares. But there’s another ‘new trend’ that’s hitting the market which can help you grow your business… literally overnight!

I am talking about Blogger Outreach.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach is primarily a white hat link building strategy by establishing a quality relationship with influential bloggers (or marketers) in your industry.

You see, people (potential customers) are more likely to trust your brand when someone they already trust recommends it to them. That’s where Blogger Outreach comes to rescue your day. Blogger Outreach can dramatically reduce uncertainty in readers, and hence, offer your business with a platform from which you can promote your products and services through the means of quality content.

Not exploring this technique can seriously hurt your business growth in the long-term.

How can Blogger Outreach help grow my business?

Think Blogger Outreach not only as a way to build relationships with other influencers in your business but also a ‘process’ to help you achieve significant success in your business.

Here’s how you can use blogger outreach to help grow your business.

1. Guest posts on other relevant blogs  

For new websites, getting free traffic, unlike paid traffic that comes through things like paid-ads, is often a difficult task, if not an impossible task. You can start blogging on your website to drive more traffic, but it usually takes some time before you begin to see some changes. While you continue to grow your audience, guest posting gives you an added advantage to get right in front of someone else’s.

There’s two-fold advantage: not only you’ll drive free traffic to your site, but the links pointing back to your website will also help with your SEO efforts – i.e., increasing organic rankings.

You can use the power of Blogger Outreach to search and connect with other bloggers in your industry. Why? Because guest posting on relevant blogs in your industry will help drive audience who might be interested in what you have to offer, which will help grow your business in the long-term.

Insider tip: Find and connect with other bloggers in your niche and ask them to write a guest post that their audience will love. Also, make sure to choose the topic that is relevant to your business. Otherwise, it won’t drive any more traffic.

2. Seek contributions from other experts or bloggers

While it is true that guest blog posting is a great way to drive free traffic to your business site, it can get quite exhausting, especially if you’re not very well-rounded on a topic that you want to write about, or you don’t quite feel at ease writing. There’s one way out of this dilemma: seeking experts or bloggers on topic and asking them to contribute a tip, idea, or a story for your blog post.

Once you gather all the responses, you can publish the list on other’s blog. By doing this, not only you’ll be offering quality content from relevant experts to their readers, the contributors will be more interested in sharing your article with their readers, thus exploding your reach.

3. Ask for product reviews

Product reviews are a powerful marketing tool to spread a message about your business and drive sales. Rather than waiting for some happy customer to write a review of your product, you can use a Blogger Outreach to get the campaign rolling almost overnight.

Open your email inbox and start sending emails to bloggers who have the type of audience you want and offer to send them your product or service for free in return for an honest review. If you have an excellent product, their audience will love it and tell about it to everyone they know.

4. Start an affiliate program.

Do you wish to take product reviews a notch further and ask even more people to promote your business? Find affiliates to grow your business.

Affiliate programs are a simple promotion process that encourages other people to send traffic to a business by offering a fixed commission on every sale they help generate.

Insider tip: Find and connect with bloggers who already have engaged readers and are writing about your industry.

5. Connect with Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Product   

Sometimes, you don’t even have to write an article for a guest post or ask other people to review your product or services. A simple mention on Instagram can drive sales through the roof, especially true for apparel products.

You can use the power of Blogger Outreach to connect with influencers on Instagram and arrange for sponsored posts.

Insider tip: Find and connect with Instagrammers with audiences that might like what you have to offer and ask them to feature your product in a photo. Also, make sure you have your own Instagram account so that they can tag you. 

To wrap it up

Don’t just sit back and wait for the promotion to come to you. Use a blogger outreach to boost your brand awareness, increase organic rankings, and drive tons of free traffic to your site, and (hopefully) drive sales through the roof.

Over to you: have you done blogger outreach to help your business grow? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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