Increase pageviews on your blog

increase pageviews

As long as your website becomes older day by day, the vital thing is to have a good page views per visit. Here are few tips to increase your blog pageviews.

Visitor comes to your site for their own reason and when they got the result they return back. So, they always leave your site with just only one page view.

When your blog gets low pageviews then, it doesn’t mean that your content is poor but, it means that all your readers are not interested in the other content on your blog. And as a result, a fewer page views always decrease down your ad revenue also.

The primary focus is to have a good design. With a better blog design, you can make your visitor more attractive.

So, don’t worry! Here are few tips that will increase pageviews on your blog.

Create a resource page:

For increasing page views or capturing email subscriber, you need to create resource pages. With covering any topic, you can create resource pages. For example, create a topic called “WordPress Tutorial” or “Best Seo Tools” etc. Because your resource page can be a most vital page in you blog.

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Popular posts at a glance in sidebar:

Popular posts means this already got the high traffic. So, place it in the sidebar and make more popular by showing them to your blog’s visitors. Actually, this is the best post to keep your visitor busy to your blog for much longer times.

Use related posts:

Same as popular posts this is also another reason to keep your visitor busy. It helps to increase pageviews by giving more options for your readers to read your another articles.

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Increase page loading time:

Taking too much time makes your visitor more irritating and this causes them to close the tab before they make any pageview. Use W3 total cache plugin or any other plugin that can increase your page loading time. Also compress your all images before uploading to the blog.

Analyze your web pages by using PageSpeed Insights.

Make a internal link always:

Always link your new post to old post that is related to new one and increases pageviews. This helps your reader to learn more about the topic you are describing. So, this is always a better idea to make related content to the topic as this has a good SEO advantage.

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