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Adventures mobile game App is counted in most demanded App and liked most for its uniqueness. The main effect of these Apps is that it feels our adventures and we enjoy them a lot. As we all know that Android Game Apps are booming in the market, increasing day by day. By the help of the Android App store, we can easily download adventures mobile game Applications. Here, we will discuss the top adventures App that is playing an important role to feels real adventure.

# Jungle Adventures

Due to its popularity, it is counted in top adventures Application. It is freely available in Google App store. This App has won the best game award in 24 FPS International game design 2016 award. More than 5 million people are using this game due to its extraordinary adventures quality. When we play this game, we feel like a reality and enjoy it entirely. We can say that it is a full package of adventure and I will give it priority regarding adventure mobile game App in Android App store.

# Swordigo

This is fantastic adventures mobile game App. It is installed and used more than 10 million times. In this, we try to get powerful weapons to defeat our enemy, and it is a fascinating game. All-time you will get something new, and it will never bore you. With the help of creative steps and graphics it will always enchant you, and when we play it, then we lost in it. It is a genuinely tremendous game.

# Survival Island – Wild Escape

In this game, airplane becomes a crash, and however, captain saves its life and its land on no man’s island. In this, we have to come back home safely, and we face wild animals and zombie, and after killing them, we can go to the next level. If you want to feel real adventures, then you should play it. It has been installed more than 10 million times, and it is a combo of adventure and action. In this, we use an axe, gun, rifle, and sniper and many more kinds of weapon that helps us to fight with real danger. It is very popular among users.

# Ghost Town Episode: Choices of Destiny

This game runs around ghosts, puzzle, and mystery and gives us naturally and adventures feel. It is a constructive approach and we can easily download this from the Android App store and can feel adventurous. People like it too much, and we can check that more than 5 million active users are playing this game and its number are increasing day by day as people are becoming aware of it.

# Commando Adventures Game

If you are interested in the army and its war, then it is best for you and you will love it by playing it. In this game, we use ballistic missiles, guns, rifles and army weapon kill our enemy, and in this, a commando kills our enemy and wins the battle. When we play this game, then it feels us so realistic and real life that we fall in love with this game. At present, more than 10 million people are currently using this. Here, you will get a challenging mission, Great action, creative graphics and last sounds, so this type, this game is full of action package and ranking in App store.

# Beast Quest

If you are looking seriously for adventures game, then you will find in it more than you are expecting. Here impressive graphics will enchant you and will keep your mind there all time. It is a legendary game that is craving for people a lot. When you play this game, then you will think that I was looking for it and it is real. Its sound, graphics, and puzzle are incredibly excellent. Beast quest is a prominent name for the adventures game App.

# Escape the prison adventure

This game is based on the prison, and here, you will get world’s most robust prison, and you have to use available resources to make your weapon, and you will face guard in jail, and all compounds are surveillance by a computer system, and they are keeping an eye from the camera. So, it is a very tough task to clear stages in these games. When we play this game, we will feel adventurous and more excitement. It is the best resource to explore bold all times.

# Jungle Adventures

In this graphics is simple but beautiful and they add more value to your game Application. Here more than 80 unique levels make you feel good, and you will always crave to clear more stages.It is suitable for all ages.Jungle adventure as the name suggests us about its quality and features. In which, we roam in the jungle and face many issues and clear our stages. Here, advance puzzle makes you way tougher and realize you more adventures.

# Rail Rush

In this, we run our cart on the rail and collect precious stone and make points. As we go ahead, we will face more difficulty and fastness. Our speed will increase, and we will make our way very well. Rail Rush is a game of speed and accuracy, and it helps us to improve our focus. It is prominent in user who is more oriented towards play App. It serves us more than we desired. It is a full pack of adventure. Rail rush has the better place in an adventures game list in the App store.

# Criminal Case

In which we try to solve a murder mystery. We investigate a crime scene in the corrupt city and examine clues and analyze samples to find our evidence. We also interrogate suspects and bring truth in front. It is full of adventure because, in this, we face criminal and corrupt people and try to find our truth. It is very useful who has an interest in a murder mystery. It is known for its uniqueness and dominant factor that is enhancing our adventures and serve us best platform to feel it.

As we discuss best adventures App that is using by people and people are taking more interest in it. As the mobile game is favorite of all and they are exploring it more by getting their perfect desire. We also introduce our mobile game App and can contain adventures and exciting factor in it. So, this type, from analyzing all gaming App above, we can choose the best one for us.

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