7 Best Tips to Become a Better Android Developer

Tips to Become a Better Android Developer

With a daily increase of mobile application, android development is hiking up to an all-new level. Evolution of these applications has provided people with innovative and interesting ways to stay in proper connection with one another. Right now, the statistics state that around 2.2 million apps are introduced in the Android platform and available to be downloaded.

Now, with the increase in the digital era, you might come across some new job opportunities for shaping up your career. One such option has to be of an Android Developer. The job is no doubt tough and challenging, but the results will prove to be just gorgeous. To earn hefty amount of money at the end of every month, you need to love your job. But only loving it doesn’t make sense. You have to introduce 7 major yet simple tips for transforming yourself from good to best android developer.

1. Knowledge of the basic programming language:

Just to help excel as amazing and well-talented android developer, you should have the basic programming language knowledge right at your fingertips. Learning XML and Java is mandatory these days and there is no shortcut for that. Java is the basic programming language for creating some best android based apps. Knowledge about these platforms will help you in developing apps a lot easier and by following some fast concepts.

2. Primary concern towards Android platform:

Even though this article is completely revolving around Android developers, but it is important to get this point straight. IOS is known to have more premium quality applications when compared to android as IOS users don’t worry about spending few bucks on the apps. On the other hand, you have android users, who are less targeted while purchasing any app. However, this idea should not just stop you from developing some android based applications. The reason for that is more number of android users than IOS ones in the market. With over 1000 million users, you can easily get your android app in the market and grow.

3. Learning some new languages:

You have to start learning some new programming languages if you want to succeed in this area of becoming a great android developer. You have to stay updated in this industry and check on the latest happenings taking place and not quite confirming yourself with Android all the time. This step helps in opening up some perspectives and improves development skills. You can try learning at least one new programing language every year. Avoid skimming over a language for a week and then leave it! Try going deep into the depths of language to know its working ability.

4. Design matters a lot:

Android developers have to rely on app design as it matters a lot in creating attractive results. You may not good skills to become amazing developer, but failing to attract people because of worst execution of ideas will get your hard work down the drain. Your creativity level at that time won’t matter much as people won’t pay a second chance to poorly designed android app.

5. Focusing towards open source:

If you end up developing something a bit useful and using the same features in your app, then always try going for open sourcing. You will get to learn a lot through this process, which will finally help you to grow as developer. If you don’t have any app to open source, then start looking for other interesting open sourced based projects and try fixing some bugs. You can try improving documents for those projects and even write some few tests. Even a slight bit of contribution can work wonderfully for project maintainer and will help to keep it up and running.

6. Using some tools:

There are multiple development tools for the android platform available. Some of those are Eclipse, Git, Gradle, Android studio and more. By using Eclipse, the developers will not just develop but set up project in IDE. You can even read available tutorials for carrying development process with ease with the help of android development tools. Thanks to GIT tool, you can put code under version control and back it with cloud.  On the other hand, you have Gradle for finding the built-in systems and their said capacities. The android app development company rely on these tools.

7. Teaming up for best results:

You have to work as a team for better result. Avoid taking the entire task on your shoulder, especially if you have limited time. Dividing work within multiple developers can help you to finish work on time and share some new knowledge. You can try investing new ideas when multiple minds come together. Technically, working together can also help performing task faster.

So, remember to keep these top 7 tips in mind, if you want to upgrade yourself from generic android developer to a trustworthy and reliable one.

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