Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps for iPhone in 2022

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps

Most iPhone users download numerous photos from various social media platforms that are piled up into junk duplicate copies. Several iPhone cleaning apps can erase screenshots and photos to solve storage issues. Some of these apps can remove duplicate contacts, large videos, and similar screenshots in addition to cleaning up photos. Here we have collected some of the top-notch duplicate media cleaning apps to free up storage on your iPhone. Let’s take a deep dive into their key features and find out which app is best for users.

Cleaner for iPhone

Cleaner for iPhone is at the top of the list of picture cleanup apps. Use this blazing-fast duplicate photo finder and remover to clear up the space on your iPhone. The fast clean tool instantly deletes large volumes of duplicate iPhone photos, screenshots, and videos. Cleaner for iPhone apps can easily remove identical images with a quick and easy method. Never again get lost in the contact list using Cleaner for iPhone application. This tool can allow users to remove duplicate or incomplete contacts with ease by providing amazing features. Although Cleaner for iPhone has free functions, you may purchase a package with premium In-App hidden features.

 The main features of Cleaner for iPhone include;

  • Scan and delete duplicate photos and videos on iPhone.
  • Detect similar-looking live photos.
  • Delete or merge duplicate contacts on iPhone.
  • One-tap smart cleaning function.
  • Shows iPhone system storage percentage.


ClutterFly is a robust speed booster and smart duplicate media cleaner app for iOS users. This free app can help to delete similar camera pictures, clean junk photos, and filter storage space by improving iPhone performance. The ClutterFly duplicate photos remover app scans any similar or identical photo that causes memory issues and allows you to erase bulk files instantly with simple easy steps. ClutterFly is available for Android/iOS smartphones and offers a wide range of remarkable features. You must try this user-friendly duplicate photo remover app to get rid of additional storage on your iPhones. Users won’t have to scroll through any junk media all day long thanks to ClutterFly. You can easily remove any blurry photos or duplicate screenshots with a smooth and simple process.

The best features for ClutterFly for iOS and Android are;

  • Free-up gallery space by removing unwanted duplicate pictures.
  • Rapidly clean up your camera photo collection.
  • Eliminate WhatsApp media files including photos and videos.
  • Clean your gallery space by removing identical screenshots.
  • Locate duplicate photos and videos easily by sorting date and size.

Clean My Photos: Phone Cleaner

Clean My Photos: Phone Cleaner is another excellent app for removing duplicate photos from your iPhone. This app can find duplicate contacts on your smartphone and either remove them or merge them. Therefore, you may simply improve the storage space on your iPhone by deleting unused media files and contacts. Your iPhone’s photos and movies may also be compressed without losing quality. Clean My Photos: Phone Cleaner lets you keep your private photos and movies in a secret album, this app is even more remarkable when users explore all the fantastic features available to clean junk data.

Key Features of Clean My Photos include;

  • Delete or merge duplicate contacts at a fast rate.
  • Delete or compress your iPhone images and videos.
  • Clean your iPhone storage with a few clicks.
  • Hide your photos, videos, and contacts in a secret album.
  • Single sweep feature for removing duplicate photos and videos.


The media files on an iPad or an iPhone can be quickly cleaned up using the iRemover (Smart Cleaner) app by deleting duplicate media files. It evaluates selected media files, deletes videos or photos, and notifies the user that it has done so. iRemover helps the users to reclaim valuable storage space and performs a media storage analysis to identify the large-format videos or images that take up the most space. Swipe down to automatically take the image or video to the trash if you wish to remove it, or swipe right or left to move to the photos.

 The main features the iRemover app offers include;

  • Removes duplicate screenshots, photos, and camera pictures.
  • Immediately backup or combine duplicate contacts.
  • Enabling unique display layout photo browsing for users.
  • Depth photo cleaner all-in-one tool for iPhone.
  • Create photo filters and remove screenshots, selfies, GIFs, and junk photos.

Download the App with Best Features

To maximize your iPhone performance by removing duplicate videos, images, and favorite camera collections, you must download the app with the best features. By offering a flexible multi-tasking interface, these iPhone media-cleaning apps may assist you in boosting storage performance and removing any issues. So, we recommend trying them all and enjoying downloading unlimited photos and videos.

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