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If yours is an online business, you will have to get involved with website SEO. Known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is essential to ensure that your website gets noticed. It will help your site rank high in the search engine results and gain extra visibility.

SEO is a continuous process! And the results take place after you implement SEO tactics for a sometime. Not everyone is aware of which SEO guidelines to consider and deploy. If you resonate the same, you can take reference from the twenty best SEO tips discussed below.

1. Mend your website structure

Your website should be updated, intuitive and clear. You need to give attention to the navigation bit and make sure that the site is user-friendly. Also, a well-structured website will also get indexed quickly.

2. Add a single important keyword in page URL

It is essential to add the main keyword in your page URL. And for this, you can resort to the use of underscores and hyphens as well in your URL.

3. Make use of underscores and hyphens in the URL’s

The moment you do this, Google will read this as a single word. It also suggests that when you write “top_SEO_tips,” the search crawlers will look upon it as “topSEOtips.” It will act in your favor ultimately.

4. Make sure that URL address is relevant, descriptive and brief

An online user needs to be able to understand the concept of a site. Hence, if you want to edit your URL, it will be favorable to the optimization and also enhance the comprehensibility. Users will be able to understand your website within a short period.You can explore here to know moreabout the Gold Coast

5. Have a small tag for all the website pages

You need to make this tag catchy, short and original as well. It will help in attracting the attention of people in general as well as your target audience. You need to speak in their language. Also, make sure to present your website in such a way, that it attracts them.

6. Meta descriptions will help in presenting your brand well

Meta description can be described as a small paragraph which is shown beneath the SERP title tag. It provides you with the scope to introduce your company uniquely. It helps an online user to see you in a better way.

7. Search for keywords that will work in your favor

You can make use of Google Keyword Planner to find keywords for yourself. It is a free tool that you can use. You simply need to create your Google AdWords account to make use of the same.

8. Make use of ALT feature for the images

Search engines can’t read the pictures. It takes note of ALT text. Hence, you must make use of ALT attribute to allow the crawlers to have a better understanding of the meaning of the image. You can also make use of keyword phrases for describing the pictures on the website.

9. You need to blend multiple kinds of keywords

Don’t just stick to one type of keyword. You need to have a blend of generic keywords as well as long tail and broad keywords. It will help you attract a vast audience pool and also attract more organic traffic for your website. It is one of the smartest SEO strategies you can use.

10. Add location to the keywords

To optimize the website better, you need to add site to all your keywords. For instance, if your cafeteria is based in Ontario, then you need to make use of keywords like “themed cafeteria in Ontario”. It will narrow down the search and help your site rank better.

11. Keywords need to be in anchor texts, sub-headings, and headlines

Not all the spot in the site will provide the keyword phrases the exact SEO power and exposure. The ideal places to add the keyword is in bolded sections, headlines, anchor texts as well as sub-headings.

12. Optimize the pictures using keywords

Keyword phrases should get used in the site’s content as well as in the picture description as well. It is a smart call to make use of words like “picture”, “image” and “photo” in addition to the already existing keywords along with the ALT attribute.

13. Place keywords organically in the on-page content

Placing your keyword in the correct context is important. If you use excess keywords, it will appear forced and will act against your favor. It also might appear to be spammy. Hence, ensure that you use the keywords in a way that the use looks very natural to them.

14. Make sure that you publish on the high-quality content

You need to ensure that you offer only good quality content. And by the good quality, it indicates that the content is fresh and innovative. Add the necessary facts and write it in a conversational tone, so that everyone can understand the same. Also, ensure that the content is crisp and is entirely fresh. Only then it will attract many online users.

15. Make sure that your content has zero grammatical errors

You need to ensure that your content has no spelling and other syntax issues. So, check the content and proofread it thoroughly before you have it submitted finally in your site.

16. Your content should be plagiarism free

It is one of the most important clauses of website SEO. Make sure that your website content is unique and not copied from elsewhere. To ensure it you need to run it through a plagiarism test to make sure it’s free from plagiarism. If your site is found guilty of plagiarism, then it might get penalized by Google.

17. Your content should interest others

You need to make sure that your website and online content is appealing to others. Hence, it is essential that you write keeping in mind the user perspective.

18. Easy to read

People’s attention span is very less. So, make sure that your content is easy to understand and read. It will keep the bounce rates off.

19. Link building is essential

Take interest only in quality links. It will help your website gain prominence and traffic as well.

20. Keep changing your content

From time to time it is essential for you to tweak your content and ensure there’s a fresh flow of content.

These are some of the best SEO tips that you can apply to your website. You can opt-in for all or select a combination of the guidelines and use the same.

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