Quality with Quantity: Importing LED Lights Can Save You Big Bucks

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If you are planning to start a lighting business and looking for a supplier of LED lights, you are in the right place. Every business is about providing quality products and services to the clients. You may wonder where you can find high quality LED lights to get started. Well, getting supplies from China is your best option.

Economies of scale are what every business is all about. The more you produce, the cheaper it gets. Given the line of manufacturing and factory setup, you can produce more using the same setup. This cuts down costs as the production increases and grows your business at the same time. If you are looking to save money, importing LED lights is your safest bet.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of importing lights from China.

Importing Quality Products

Nothing can compare to the ease of importing LED lights that can make your life easy while the business blooms. It all depends on where your supplier is and how experienced he or she is. The more number of orders this supplier has fulfilled, the better services you will get. Make sure that you deal with someone who has been in the field for some time now.

Working with an experienced supplier can change the landscape of your entire business setup. When a supplier has been in the field of exports, it means that he or she has a line of shipment, has a reliable workforce, and can handle large orders easily. Getting quality products made in time and fulfilling the commitment is one of the biggest challenges for any business owner. Someone who has a few years of experience knows how to get the job done.

When looking for quality, the best thing is to first order a sample. This sample will give you an idea about the quality of the product you are about to invest in. A good way to go around it would be to order samples of four to five different qualities and prices. This will clarify your decision about the products you need to invest in. Make sure that each item comes with a description to help you make your decision easier.

Looking for the Supplier

To start with your hunt for the right supplier, you need to search online. You will find that the largest manufacturers and exporters of LED lights are based in China. This will help you to narrow down your search to one country.

Since China is known as the world’s factory, you will see how thickly saturated this market is. However, this will neither make you confused nor make it tough for you to make the decision. Doing the search thoroughly will ensure your decision is accurate. Moreover, looking at the supplier’s experience in the market should get you started.

Next on the list is looking at the supplier’s reviews and testimonials from the clients. These clients will have given a review on both the supplier’s website and other online platforms. Read them properly to get a general feel about the supplier’s customer support. A few negative reviews should not put you off since a few bad dealings amongst hundreds are still good.

What you can do, is to call the supplier or leave them a detailed email. Ask anything and everything that is on your mind to ensure all your doubts have been cleared. A good supplier will always get back to you within 24 hours to ensure quick dealings. Such a supplier shows interest in doing business along with building a strong long-term relationship with you.

Competitive Pricing

Since the market has a lot of players already working hard with a lot of clients around the world, you can get a supplier who offers better prices for the same high quality. China is the best place to get such offers easily. Moreover, you can get deals that can almost get you off your feet. Once you see the samples, you will understand how easy it is to import LED lights from China.

You can reach a number of suppliers and pay for the samples. Usually, when you decide to place a bulk order, the supplier will send you the samples for a low price. Once you decide on one product, the supplier will arrange the shipment of your bulk order. So before you settle on one supplier, we suggest you try at least a few. This will give you a list of competitive prices.

Being such a big market, you will get offers that will be like no other. Simply putting the word out there can get you amazing offers. Make sure that you are reaching out for the right kind of products in order to get the right offers.

Getting the Quantity on Time

When you are able to determine the quality by analyzing the product samples, you then need to look at the quantity. A supplier who has experience in dealing with international clients will be able to get you the desired quantity within the promised period. Make sure you set your timelines and have the supplier agree on it before finalizing the deal.

The quantity should be mutually agreed on. Ask for extra samples in case any one of the items comes out faulty. It happens more often than not, that some of the pieces in the order can result in a faulty item. There is nothing to worry about since mass manufacturing can often result in minor faults. However, make sure that you share this concern with the supplier and request him or her to throw in extra pieces of the product in the bulk order.

This way, your entire order can be perfect.

If your order is perfect, make sure to give your supplier a tip or excellent feedback and recommend him or her to your other business associates. One thing that the supplier may find challenging is the time. A large order requires time for manufacturing, packaging, and then shipping.

If your supplier is an experienced one, he or she will already have a shipping channel that they have been working on. Such a supplier will deliver your order a little before the time they have promised. There is no better feeling than receiving an international shipment before the promised time.

Why LED lights?

If you are starting a business or simply constructing a building and looking for a bulk order to install lights, it is best to import LED lights. When you need to install lights in a building, be it a residential one or a commercial building, LED lights are best. LED lights are highly in demand these days due to their long life and sustainability.

LED lights not only reduce electricity expenses but also help preserve the environment. The minimum to no heat loss from LED lights helps keep the temperatures of the surroundings comfortable. Moreover, these lights are long-lasting so you will not have to change them every now and then. Once installed, they last over 40 years, which is a lifetime.

The LED lights use very little electricity and have lightweight. This makes them a popular choice among all users. Especially builders who are looking to make economical buildings with the best light fixtures. LED lights also provide the highest quality of lights for hospital and office buildings. For home fixtures, these come in a variation that can change colors according to the choice of the user.

LED Lights Variations

The advancement in technology has resulted in LED lights evolving through time. You can find LED lights that can be fixed on the ceilings, come in table lamps, bathroom fixtures, kitchen target lights, garden lights, and also for corridors.

The fixtures can be the same while changing the light bulbs to LED lights. This has opened doors to better lighting options for any space. Since they come in a variety of colors, users can choose colors that can change the ambiance of any area. This makes it a great option and choice for users around the world.

Lamp fittings and garden lights are also being manufactured in LED lights so make a house or a building cost-efficient to live in. Moreover, you can also install outdoor security lights that are made with LED bulbs. Floodlights that light up your neighborhood in order to keep it safe from intruders is a great option. Ambiance lights, which are usually installed on stairs and around ornaments in the garden to make the exterior of a house, standout come in LED lights.

Why ShineLong?

ShineLong is a Chinese company that is in the field of manufacturing LED lights for all types of clients around the world for the last 20 years. The vast experience and extensive research in the field are what make them stand out from their counterparts. The constant growth in the same field in order to provide better, long-lasting products is what makes them a pioneer in the field. You can always choose to get in touch with them for the most competitive pricing and getting high-quality products in large quantities.

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