Best Jobs After 12th

12th Jobs

There are many jobs in India after the 12th. Job seekers can apply for any job after 12th in any sector. After the 12th there are many options to do a job in various sectors. There are many sectors like BP O’s, Marketing Sector, Teaching Sector, Corporate Sector, and many more where job seekers can apply for Jobs after 12th. Here I am discussing the top 3 jobs which you can do after 12th and get good salary packages.

Commercial Pilot

If you want to be successful and wish to get handsome salary package then commercial pilot is the best option after the 12th. You will be trained to fly an aircraft. To become a commercial pilot you have done12th with maths and physics. After that, your training will be for 1 year. On successful completion of your training, you will be posted as a pilot. In aviation sector average package of a pilot is 1-1.5 lakhs per month. So, this is the top option to earn more money with pride.

Merchant Navy

Merchant navy is also one of the top option after the 12th. In this, you will be trained as an engineer or as a Navigating officer, but you have to choose one. To become a Cadet or Engineer in Ship you have to complete 12th with physics, chemistry, maths and you have to qualify entrance exam. In this industry, the average package of cadet & engineer is 45-50,000 per Month. This is the best option after 12th to earn more money and serve the nation.


If you want to earn more money with your captures then go for photography. In photography there is no qualification required but your photography skills are mandatory. If you have good photography skills then you can become a professional photographer. In Photography, the average package of the photographer is 35-45,000 which is good without any qualification.

After evaluating your skills and considering your interest area you can choose the best for you.

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