Why visit Thailand in 2021: 10 good reasons to convince you!


Although Europeans often visit Thailand, most travelers find it too remote and even too exotic for a week or two of vacation. It’s a shame, because if you can manage to spend more than 14 hours on a plane, Thailand is a booming vacation destination. While it is always best to go on a trip if you have several weeks or even a month ahead of you, you will benefit a lot even if you are going for a week. Find out below, why visit Thailand and convince yourself.

Why visit Thailand in 2021: be convinced by 10 good reasons

This little list will give you several good reasons to visit Thailand. After reading this article, if you are thinking of taking a trip to the “land of smiles”, don’t forget to get a Thailand Visa , it’s a fast and easy online application.

1. Affordable food and accommodation

There are hundreds of hotels and guesthouses at prices that make you feel like you’re in the middle of the 20th century. Thai food is also cheap, and often the street vendors, who usually sell food for next to nothing, offer the most delicious foods. Do you prefer to splurge on your vacation? It’s even better because Thailand has some amazing hotels and resorts, all for a price far below what you would pay back home.

2. Sun all year round

Whether you are visiting Thailand in December or May, expect warm weather and especially sunny days. There are seasons in Thailand; they are just a little different from those to which the French are used: cool, hot and rainy.

3. Beautiful beaches

Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world: warm, clear water; stunning view; and marine life to admire as you swim, snorkel or dive. In addition, there are so many types of beaches in Thailand, from calm and laid back beaches to one where you can party all night long, that anyone can find the perfect fit for the most beautiful. beaches of Thailand.

Speaking of the beach, we must not forget about diving. Thailand has over 1,500 kilometers of coastline and some of the best dive sites in the world. No matter how frequent travelers are, there are a few great spots to explore under the sea, as the monsoon season rarely affects areas such as Pattaya, known for its plentiful sea turtles that divers are guaranteed to have. to spot here. Some of the best places to dive in Thailand include Koh Tao, Surin Islands, Koh Chang, and Chumphon.

4. Fantastic Thai food

Few would say that Thai food is not delicious. But if you’ve only been exposed to it in Thai restaurants in Europe, you’ll be surprised. Here in Thailand the food is better, there is more variety and it is very cheap. You will easily find favorite dishes such as pad thai and curry, but you will also find a wide choice of salads, noodles and snacks. And believe it or not, with apologies for French grills, Thailand has delicious fried chicken.

5. Amazing shopping

If you like shopping, markets, bargains, or cool and quirky stuff, you will find shopping in Thailand rewarding and sometimes very surprising. Markets in major Thai cities offer everything from shoes to art, and Bangkok’s malls are some of the fanciest in the world.

6. Easy and inexpensive trips

Why visit Thailand? Because once you’re in the country, getting around is easy and inexpensive, mostly thanks to local low-cost airlines like Nok Air, Air Asia, and Bangkok Airways. If you book in advance and don’t travel during peak season, it’s quite common to get a return ticket from Bangkok to Phuket for an extremely affordable rate.

7. Interesting cities

The booming capital of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, the quiet and charming center of northern Thailand, offers culture, history, architecture, great food and plenty of entertainment. You can find plenty of villas and restaurants in it, Something to satisfy the whole family and much more!

8. Warm people

Sometimes there are tourist scams, and every once in a while you will meet someone who is not smiling, but Thais are friendly, open and kind to foreign visitors.

9. Breathtaking Buddhist temples

Buddhism is the predominant religion in Thailand and it influences everything from architecture to the way people interact with each other. All the major cities of the country have breathtaking Buddhist temples that you can visit during your trip to Thailand; Chiang Mai and Bangkok have the lion’s share.

10. Famous nightlife

Whether you’re on the beach or in one of the Thai towns, you won’t be far from the bars and nightclubs that the country is famous for. There are also plenty of regular nightclubs, nightclubs and bars to party in Thailand.

Now you know why to visit Thailand. If you are looking to escape to foreign, there is no better place than Thailand. If the pristine white sand beaches and the relaxed atmosphere don’t win you over, it’s the food and the people that will. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but there are countless sites, attractions and excursions for all types of travelers. You might have such a time that you won’t want to come back. Good reasons to visit Thailand!

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