Best Backpacking Destinations in the World

Backpacking Destinations

If you are one of those who think traveling is really your thing, then it is time you give it a second thought. There are a good number of places where you can just backpack and only spend a few dollars per day. You visit any country from Africa or Asia and experience the cuisines and the culture there. Would you believe that you can spend two weeks water skiing in a place like Malawi with the price you spend on an IKEA couch?

It can be said that putting up a list of backpacking destinations can be challenging as there is so much the world has got to offer. However, let us have a look at the top destinations we have listed up for you.



Ladakh is undoubtedly the best place to backpack. Also known as the “Lost Kingdom of India” the place is located near the Himalayas and is a fantastic destination that offers experiences that last a lifetime. One can visit the ancient monarchies here and also try trekking, which is quite popular with tourists here. Beginners can choose from the trails that are easy and those who have trekked before can opt for the challenging ones if they wish to. The most complicated one here is known to be the Chadar trek which passes through the Zanskar River, which is mostly frozen. You can even choose river rafting, paragliding and much more when you are here.


If you have an immense and unconditional love for wildlife, you cannot miss a visit to Zanzibar. The place is located off the coast of scenic Tanzania and has native wildlife and eve corals for tourists to explore. You can go on a safari or even try to spot a Zanzibar leopard – as they say that the famous Zanzibar leopard is still not extinct. If you are not in for wildlife safari, you visit the historical sites like Stone Town. The place is famous for its stone architecture and is said to be more than 200 years old.



Amsterdam is quite famous around the globe for the “Red Light District” and is a popular tourist destination. Tourists get to explore a number of canals, all of which have their very unique beauty. They not only speak about the culture, but also provide a glimpse of the colorful past the city once enjoyed. The city also has a good number of gardens which are filled with species of flora and fauna. You can also find a number of bed and breakfasts here that offer pretty affordable accommodations. So what are you waiting for? Tick – Backpacking Through Western Europe off your bucket list.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is located in Argentina and is an ideal destination for those who believe that backpacking is more about staying in cheap hotels and spending less. You can just break into a dance on the street here or just walk into a good restaurant for fine dining. Whatever your choice is, you would for sure find it all here. This city is always exciting and is buzzing with joy and with beer and liquor being cheap, every minute does seem like a party.



If you are in for an adventure, it is time you visit Chiapas located in Mexico. The place has a unique old-world charm that truly mesmerizes one and all who visits it. The city has ruins and more and will never get bored by visiting the places here. You can visit the temples and shrines here, and if you love nature, you can enjoy the views of volcanoes and waterfalls here.


Istanbul is the ideal destination for those who wish to backpack to some place that is down and literally dirty. The city is famous for its traditional Turkish baths which will for sure get you exfoliated. The food too is yummy; especially the kebabs are worth trying.

Above mentioned are some of the backpacking destinations, most of them prefer. As said, it is indeed hard to compile a list when there are some breathtaking and scenic destinations spread all over the globe.

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