How to Make Android App Coding Stress Free?

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Coding, a six letter word that involves plenty of hours of a brainstorming session. Well, my friend, its easy to scroll a website or use an app and bring out loads of criticism, but have you ever wondered, how much efforts it goes on the background on the part of the developers? Coding is such a job where you spend an entire day and hours of hard work and end up at a stage where you are left right from where you started. Heartbreaking, right? Yes, it is. Hence, an Android app developer can pass through a trauma and get frustrated. Mind won’t work at times, it’s just a black frame with no thought process at all. Productivity gets degraded when a developer comes across any such situation. Getting back to the coding right at the moment of failure is not going to help anyway. Here are some of the tactics to make your coding more interesting and your work more productive. Let’s take a sneak peek of them.

1) So, Let’s Break Up

Sometimes all you need is a ‘Break’, a small little ‘Break’. Just flush the technicalities for some moment, go out and breathe in some fresh air. Now, how is this going to help developers of the app development company in coding? Well, yes, it is. Have you ever noticed that some of the best ideas enter your mind while you are in the toilet or taking a bath? So, yes, your coding blunder can be undone while you are breathing fresh air or pooping and not have your eyes stuck on the computer screen. Your mind will feel a sudden shift from working ambiance to free atmosphere and that will hit your mind with fresh ideas to code and also debug the existing bug.

2) To Finish Coding, You Need to Start

Have you ever tried writing something, a letter, a proposal, or a resignation letter? You know which is the most difficult part? It’s starting. Once getting started, you will get the flow and it will be easy. The similar thing applies to coding as well. The initial and the most difficult is to decide how to start. Well, of course, after the app is coded and you test it and when there is a bug which you don’t find after testing it, again and again, is also one of the biggest pain in the head.

3) Planning, Can You Do It?

You don’t need to take a pen and paper or open an excel sheet and plan the entire Android app development system. Back of the mind, you already know what are the difficulties that can come along the way of app development and coding process. While you are cooking or driving or watching movies, you can plan side by side as to how you are going to manage the roadblocks coming your way. You can be pre-planned and talk to other technical or watch tutorials or do extensive research to not to get stuck in the midway of coding.

4) Helpful Distractions

If you feel, you can work only in silence, then you are mistaken, my friend. Sometimes, some distractions help you focus even more. Like songs, they can really help you focus even more while working. Many people have suggested electronic music while working which proved to be an effective solution for improved concentration.

5) Be Healthy, Stay Wealthy

A typical and tedious work like mobile app development will force the developer to consume cups of coffee or cans of red bull or a heap of junk food to stay awake and active. All this is nothing but excessive intake of caffeine, sugar, and oil. This can keep your mind active for the time being, but is it good for your health in the long run? I don’t need to answer, you already know I guess. Your food habits affect your brain and the thinking ability and if you want to keep it fresh and healthy, make sure to plan a proper diet chart and follow it to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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