Air concept – A journey to the top!

Air concept

Air concept is a young venture by Filter concept to acknowledge and fight air pollution and its life threatening effects on human health. The once considered luxury is now obliviously turned into necessity and henceforth is needed attention, invention and innovation in the field of air purifiers needs to be fast-tracked and according to the level of rise of air pollution to match and eliminate the harsh growth of air pollutants in the air we breathe in! Air concept since years now have been indulged in research and development of air purifiers for various needs and provides with best alternatives to purify the air indoors which is considered to be 5 times more dangerous than the outside! The recent listings of the top 10 most promising air purifiers was topped by Air concept, the simple reason being its versatility for service and its efficient and effective designs for betterment of the air we so determinately require!

Working and technology

Air purifiers are known to be the savior designed and manufactured to serve the need of providing safe and clean air to breathe in, therefore the need to employ the best in class technology and globally acknowledged designs for a modern day product is significant! The technology utilized by Air concept is a blend of classic technology and modern day technology taking care of both the mechanics and style and design. The 7 layer filtering channel, the HEPA filters, the carbon filter and the anti-bacterial filters constitutes a strong wall of strict passage of only the finest air with a touch of nature and its freshness blended perfectly in it, the fresh air especially makes the human kind more sufficient and stronger, healthy and wise, the peaceful no-sound working technology provides with a fight to only the air pollutants and not to the ears of the people inside! The air concept technology is the blend between modern and classic to form a strong hold over the scope of advancement of the product and hence providing with only the best!

Versatility and service

Air purifying needs with everyday passing by is growing into a wide scope opportunity to serve, with air quality of India deteriorating consistently the need to have air purifiers at very corner, at every closed confined spaces is important henceforth a specific design for every need is what every air purifier manufacturing and designing company needs to focus on, Air concept being a blend of research and innovation provides with ample options of air purifiers for different needs, be it for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and colleges, gyms, cars, mobile(air masks) and home! The wide scopes of services air concept realizes and provides with are the very reason for its growth and prosperity. Air concept moves ahead with one vision at focus and that is all problems are opportunities, opportunity to build better, opportunity to serve the society, opportunity to invent and innovate and therefore is continuously focused on what and why its produces and designs and research and development is a constant process instead of just a step!

Social responsibility and welfare

Air concept is a company with vision, a vision of betterment f the environment and the society altogether with a mission to invent and innovate for advancement of the countrymen, the company leads the way to social welfare and realizes its social responsibility. The various planting drives, air masks distribution to the traffic police, etc., proves to be a constant reminder of the company’s willingness to fight the odds and provide with the best to the society and the world at large! The young energy it works with blended in a perfect mix of vintage care towards the society requires a strong minded focus on betterment hence provides with consistent service, the one true success mantra according to the company is work hard and create a better world for the future generations! !  Air concept works towards betterment and elimination of problems with unique and effective solutions!

Young mind behind the wheel!

Air concept is a company led by young energy of Mehul Panchal, the synergy he brings to the firm provides with all the motivation the employees need to work efficiently and effectively towards the common goal of betterment! The new designs with social welfare is a process very well designed by the young leaders in the company to provide with a company image of both manufacturer and influencer of air purifiers and air purifying respectively. The visons and missions of the company mirrors to its accomplishments of fast and consistent success, the requirements of people turned into opportunities to serve and make the world a better place to live in! Air purifiers is not a luxury but a necessity, a necessity very well researched about at the company henceforth providing the society with products of global standards!

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