Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience

It appears that every corporation is undergoing a digital transformation these days. However, if you want to know what that means, you won’t get a definite answer because it applies to every company differently.  In simplified terms, the process refers to integrating computer technology into every segment of a business. This new practice fundamentally changes […]

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized most if not all sectors and the healthcare industry has not been left behind. Powered by machine learning algorithms to train computer systems to think, act, and make decisions like humans, AI in the healthcare industry is being applied to transform the patient experience, clinical practice, diagnosis, treatment, resource management, and […]

The Most Innovative Things Happening With a Wireless Car Charger

People are beginning to adopt a wireless car charger in their cars. And the truth about it is that it has brought more convenience to avid drivers and travelers. You don’t have to struggle anymore with annoying cables tangling all over the dashboard. This translates to lesser distractions and safer driving. In this piece, we’ll […]