The Top 5 Freelance Marketplaces to Browse to Hire Expert Freelancers for Your Startup

The freelance industry is at its peak as freelancers are seeking to supplement their income, and employers looking to hire freelancers have more options than ever before. The industry has grown even more during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the pandemic resulted in business closures and layoffs across the globe. On the flip side, employers are […]

How Digitization Can Help Your Startup Company

With the onslaught of 21st-century technology, individuals and businesses alike that fail to adapt to the change are left to wander blindly in the dark. It would seem that the new medium for personal and business interactions is no longer limited to the physical world because it’s now possible through the digital realm. This development in […]

How Startups are Using Embedded Marketing Techniques Instead of Building Large Internal Marketing Departments

Marketing is a daunting task for every startup since many people are skeptical about purchasing new products. This makes it an expensive investment that takes up a huge share of resources, and many startups barely have enough resources set aside for it. Creating a department dedicated to marketing alone makes it much more expensive. Without […]

Top B2B Social Media Strategies That’llTurn Your Startup into a Social King

Contrary to popular belief, social media can be a highly effective marketing channel for B2B businesses. With the right strategies, they too can get results and be successful on social media. Companies like IBM, Google, and Hubspot are living proof of this. They have done such a great job of sharing engaging content that grows […]