9 Underrated Emojis You Can Use in Modern Times


Who would have thought that we would have a lot of different ways to express ourselves? Hundreds of years ago, people parted ways without the certainty of having to meet again. They rely on letters and expressive figures of speech to convey what they want to say and how to say it. More often than not, these letters take time to send the recipient and their replies to reach back to the sender. 

Today in the digital age, connecting with others can be as fast as a millisecond with all the fun emojis you can use to make your conversation more fun, interesting, and expressive. You, as someone who has been immersed in the digital space, may have some favorite emojis you can think of. From the classic male sign to the more expressive ones, here are some of the underrated emojis you can use!

Gender signs

Now that we are in the age when people are becoming more informed about their rights and identities, we also become more sensitive about our SOGIE. People now have found hope and inspiration in each other to fight for their rights and identities. That is why some (and hopefully, all) will consider the proper identity of the other person’s gender and sexuality. People will introduce themselves as she/her, he/him, or they/them. For introducing yourself, you can also use gender emojis to express yourself further! You can use the female sign, the male sign, or the non-binary sign.

Dizzy emoji

We have other dizzy face emojis, but the one we are talking about is a bit different. This new one here is the emoji with swirling eyes. One of the new emojis we love in the recent update is the dizzy emoji. More than being cute, you can use this emoji for a lot of reasons. For one, you can use this obviously when you are not feeling well. More than that, the dizzy emoji is fun to use in a conversation when you are explaining a confusing situation. The dizzy emoji can also be fun and passive-aggressive at the same time.

Sunglasses emoji

This charming emoji is hard to forget. It features a smiling emoji wearing sunglasses. You can use this emoji if you are feeling cocky or feeling cool. You can also use the sunglasses emoji when you have done something you are proud of. You can also inject sunglasses emoji when you are feeling wicked and proud about it.

Upside-down smiley

The upside-down smiley emoji is also one of the relatively new emojis that came with the update. This emoji features a literal upside-down smiling face. In real life, it is kind of difficult to imagine someone with an upside-down smile, but during digital conversations, it just feels right! The upside-down smiley is also a witty emoji you can use when you feel rather disappointed or despaired in a superficial way. You can use it in moments when you are frustrated about something.

Head-rub girl emoji

The head-rub girl emoji looks so chic and catchy too! This icon features a girl looking like she is relaxing with her eyes closed and hands at her head as if to massage it. At first, it can just mean what it looks like—a girl having a relaxing time in the spa or maybe a girl who is having her me-time. You can use it this way, too! Another fun way to use it is to type it in conversations that make you stressed and frustrated. This emoji has no non-sense vibes.

Dancing girl in a red dress emoji

This emoji is up for action! Who can ever forget or overlook this iconic emoji of a girl wearing a red salsa dress dancing? Even if you have not found yourself dancing salsa in a red dress in real life, this emoji can be used in a conversation in many ways. For one, as we have mentioned, you can use this emoji when you feel excited about meeting a friend. You can also use the dancing girl in red emoji when you are inviting your girlfriends on a night out.

Shy monkey emoji

The shy monkey emoji is also one of our favorites. Who can ever resist this sheepish cute monkey with its hands covering its eyes? You may not be a monkey, but you can also use this emoji effectively! More than that, using the shy monkey also adds excitement and sass to the conversation. You can use the shy monkey emoji when you are in a conversation where you are feeling shy yet naughty at the same time. It is a cute way to recover yourself from embarrassing situations.

Mouthless face

If you have a monkey emoji with hands covering its eyes, you can also use an emoji with no mouth! The mouthless face emoji can be quite odd because it does not have a mouth, so how can it express itself? What some of you may not know is that this emoji not having a mouth already speaks volumes. You can use this enigmatic emoji in conversations where you either feel speechless or if you want to be shady. Use this when you are having inside jokes, not-so-quiet signals, or when you want to say something but will rather not.

Fire emoji

This emoji means how it looks: you are on fire—though, not literally. The fire emoji is right for when you feel like you are on a roll or when you feel confident about something. You can also use this in conversations when you think you see someone looking so hot and fine.

Your convo, your rules

Here are just some of the not-so-common emojis you can use! There are lots of other emojis you can use at your will. The important thing is for you to maintain tight and clear conversations with your friends and loved ones! You can even use more underrated emojis and have inside jokes about it.

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