Movie themed online slots to play

Movie themed online slots

Movie-themed slots are a current craze in the gambling industry today. The industry is awash with thousands of it, and this is not farfetched; movie slots is one of the easiest ways of attracting players. For some of these players, the excitement is real because it allows them to be in the mix of things, playing games about their favourite movies and making money in the process.

Popular Online Movie Slots

Every year, software developers adapt hundreds of movies into slot themes. The developers’ idea is shaped by how popular and loved the movie in question is. Many breathtaking movies are inspired by online games; they tell the incredible stories of blackjack masterminds, poker gods and slots enthusiast. 

Top 5 Movie Slots

The top five movie slots to play are:

  1. Wheel of Fortune:
  2. Jurassic World
  3. Planet of Apes
  4. Gladiator
  5. Rocky

If you find it difficult to make a choice, you can start with the classics. Movies like Top Cat and Pink Panther have transformed from cartoons to classic slots with multiple bonus games, numerous free spins and random wilds. You can also try out classic horror movies like the Invisible Man and Frankenstein for gripping and spooky gameplay. Movies like Planet of the Apes, the Bridesmaids and Grease are also adapted to create thrilling slot games. We are particularly in love with the unique theme of the Planet of the Apes slot with its Dawn and Rise bonus games and the perfect use of colossal symbols to activate huge rewards.

In-Game Features & Symbols of Movie Slots 

The in-game features, rules and symbols of movie-themed slots are not quite different from those of the regular slots. So, if you have played any slot game before, be rest assured that you can play movie slots too. You don’t need to learn the rules again. However, the game’s symbols are built on the films it is created from. You won’t see classic card symbols like 10, K, J, Q but pictures of characters in the film. Similarly, symbols of scatters and wilds are distinctively displayed.

You still get to enjoy bonus rounds, mini-games and free spins, but the rounds are based on real scenes from the movie. 

Why Should You Play Movie Themed Online Slots?

Just like watching your favourite movies, movie-themed slots whisk you into lands of adventure and fantasy. You will be lost in the thrills of acting as a reality TV star or pulling on the tights and cape of acting as a superhero, not any superhero but your favourite superhero. No feeling is as great as this. Irrespective of the themes you cherish, this slots’ genre has got with it familiar visuals and characters that will instantly engage you as soon as you press the spin button.

The gameplay of these games is technically different from that of all other slots – rather than randomly throwing in a scatter or a wild in the mix of things to get free spins, you will get a uniquely themed bonus like House bonus games in the exciting Game of Thrones slot.

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