7 Reasons To Download Games On Your Personal Computer

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There it is – the age-old dispute between gaming PCs vs. gaming consoles. However, before we tell you which one is better, let us mention that each has its own set of virtues, and each has its own fan base that fervently supports one or the other. 

It all comes down to personal choice at the end of the day. While gaming consoles are more convenient for casual gaming on the sofa, there are several reasons why gaming on a PC might be superior.

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7 Reasons To Download Games On Your PC

In this article, we will not draw a comparison between PC games and video games; instead, we will give you a few reasons that will make you more inclined towards PC gaming. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list:

1: PC Gaming Has Better Graphics

Better visuals are a significant selling feature when it comes to PC gaming. While current and next-generation consoles don’t inherently have awful graphics, a graphics card on a PC may boost the gaming resolution in a manner that a console can’t.

In addition, a PC has even more upgrade options to increase the graphics quality that you can never find in a console.

2: You’ll Have More Game Options

PC gaming is also superior to console gaming in terms of the number of gaming platforms available on it.

For example, GOG, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin, and a slew of other online storefronts provide a vast selection of old and new games that well outnumber what is currently available on consoles.

Of course, consoles come with their own set of exclusive games, but you can download what you want on your PC.

3: It Has Better Backward Compatibility

Backward compatibility means using specific hardware or software to transfer data from earlier system versions to the new ones. Both Xbox and PlayStation have enhanced their backward compatibility in recent years, but nothing beats a PC.

That means, when you play a game on a PC, you can upgrade it when you want, and you don’t even need to change your hardware settings to support that.

4: It Gives You Scope To Customize

You can make many changes that you couldn’t on a console on a PC game. These upgrades can improve your visuals and enlarge your storage and raise your hardware’s overall performance.

Thus, you’ll have more influence over what games you play and how the system works with a PC than you would with a console since you can design your own.

5: PC Gaming Is A Better Investment

It’s impossible to predict how much the PlayStation 5 or Xbox One Series X will cost. However, one thing is sure: if you purchase a PC, you won’t need to buy a new console every ten years to play the latest games.

So, while a PC may be more expensive upfront, it’s a better investment since you can upgrade it and play on it for longer, and it will also be helpful to you for other reasons besides gaming.

6: PC Is More Flexible

The mouse and keyboard of a PC offer more precision and responsiveness than a controller. But, with so many console games available on PC these days, you may want to play a few of them using the original control scheme. For example, Dark Souls or Assassin’s Creed.

Fortunately, connecting an Xbox One controller to your PC, whether wired or over Bluetooth, is now easier than ever, and that makes the PC more flexible to play games.

7: It Enhances Your Technical Skills

PC players require greater technical abilities than console gamers. We don’t mean the ability to create HTML code when we say technical skills. We simply mean the ability to set up a computer with a basic understanding of how it works.

A PC gamer also gains more technical knowledge if he wishes to replace hardware components and install new drivers for those components.

The Bottom Line

We know that some people prefer gaming consoles more than PC games, but given the list of advantages a PC gaming offers, it will be a mistake to choose a gaming console over it.

On top of that, you may need a PC anyway, even if you don’t play games on it. Hence, PC gaming is a more practical decision, and it is also more fun because it offers you a diverse range of old and new games.

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