How Self Storage Can Help You

Self-Storage Hacks

We all have a little something in our lives which does not necessarily fit into our homes or businesses. It could be that you received an odd gift from a family member, you are downsizing your office space and need to get rid of some of the file cabinets and furniture, or you may just want to declutter you home a bit. Regardless of the reason, you may find that you have too much stuff and not enough space. If you have clutter in your life, then self storage can help you. Here are a few ways in which self storage can help.

Temporary Storage

Not all storage options are for long term. Many times, someone may require a short solution for storage. Primarily, this is for moving. When in the transition between closing and moving, you may wish to use a storage space for your furniture and belongings to be able to move the items into your new space at your own pace. While you could use a moving truck, these are large and can be costly. The largeness of the truck may restrict you from being able to move effectively. This is especially true if you need to move an entire house. You do not need to have multiple moving trucks if you use a self storage area. The self storage area can help you by acting as a medium between where you are and where you need to be.

When looking for temporary self storage options, try to find a storage unit which offers you a month-to-month rental rather than trying to find something which has a long-term contract. Additionally, you may wish to find storage accommodations which allows you to have 24-hour access to the unit. As this is a temporary storage solution, you may not know when you will need to access the unit. 24-hour storage units give you the freedom to get your belongings at any time on any day.


Self storage can help as a temporary fix to help you with decluttering. When looking to declutter, one of the biggest hurtles is getting the space cleared out in order to organize the space properly. You may find that getting the excess into a storage unit is the best option. Similar to moving, when you take the excess to a storage unit, you gain the ability to add back what is needed at your own pace. This does not mean that you should keep the clutter, but that you can add back what is important and adds to the happiness and fulfillment of your life. Because it is temporary, there is a focus on getting the clutter maintained in a timely fashion.  Should you need more time, you can always change the contract to long term.

Maintaining through Self Storage

Certain items require that you have temperature-controlled areas to remain in pristine condition. While some homes may have the means to control room temperatures, most do not have the ability to maintain a constant ideal temperature without changing the levels for the entire house. Additionally, the temperature of a house may fluctuate drastically depending upon the outside elements. As such, those items which need to be stored could become damaged or have a weakened integrity. Self Storage can help by providing you with a means of storing items which need to have climate regulation. Because the temperature is monitored, such items as wine, can be stored without worry of damage.

Depending upon the self storage unit that you choose, you may have the option of adjusting the temperature for your individual unit. If not, try to find climates which range from 55ᵒ to 65ᵒ. This temperature range is ideal for many objects which require low humidification and mid-range temperatures.

Maintaining objects is not limited to just food products and furniture. Materials for construction can be placed within a facility, stock for your store can also be maintained in a storage unit. The key is that you use your storage unit effectively by keeping it clean, having the items within properly wrapped and sorted (if the items can have such on them without compromising their integrity), and that you have ease of access to ensure the maintenance of the objects being stored. When using a storage unit as a means of maintaining items, some prefer to have drive up access to the unit. Others prefer to have their own electrical on the unit. Check with the owner of the storage units to find out which options are available. Some accommodations are only available for temporary storage, as long term storage options are considered, in most cases, to require less amenities, focusing on the space.

Long term storage

There are several reasons why you may need to have long term storage. Emergencies, downsizing your home, and storage of family heirlooms are just a few reasons. When seeking a long term storage solution, it is important that you plan how the space will be laid out. Larger furniture and items should be placed at the back of the unit with the smaller items being placed at the front. You will need to have a pathway from the front to the back of the storage unit to allow for ease of access to all items. Try to avoid having any objects in your storage unit which require you to move out other items. When this is not possible, plan your storage space so that items which will probably be accessed sooner will be at the front.

Because you are storing for the long term, a self storage unit can help to keep the items from damage. Seek out units which focus on long term accommodations. These units are, generally, indoors and climate controlled. If you are using an outside unit for long-term, check to see if there are any variables which could affect the integrity of the items being stored. Keep wood off the floor and wrap furniture to keep moisture accumulation from occurring.

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