5 Ways To Improve Your SaaS Company

Improve Your SaaS Company

Are you one of those, who wish to take your SaaS Company to great heights and increase the customer satisfaction as well as the revenue? Here’s a set of advice you need to follow to achieve your success goals or to improve your SaaS company.

When it comes to the progress of the company, two things are most important that one needs to keep in mind. One is constancy of Customers to the Company, and other is the Revenue generation. While one thinks of increasing costs, the customers are hit hard. When we lower the complexities and prices to provide customer comfort, the business faces an economic crisis. So, one needs to keep a balance between the two strategies to take the SaaS app performance and profit to the peak. Things you can do, while following some perfect plans and taking examples from successful ones include:

1. Follow Proper Marketing Strategies:

While it is necessary to maintain the quality of the product and service and work upon them regularly, it is equally important to maintain a catch up with the customers and do the marketing of the product.

A proper presentation of testimonials provides a great help in this matter. The testimonials one presents on the presentation page of the app should not be unrealistic. They should be appealing, original and practical. This way would help the customers to relate their problems to the experiences of the people who were helped by the multi level marketing software or app and so, the number of sign-ups or customers increase. Moreover, the feedbacks of professionals and personalities, whose seem to be a good example for users, when used as testimonials will help better reach of the product.

Feedbacks of the customers will also prove a great help to improve the product. What one can do is, a system of sending e-mails or feedback forms to the customers at regular intervals of time can be developed. And they can be asked to provide honest feedback. The negative feedbacks can be worked upon for further improvements. The positive ones can be used as testimonials for the product.

2. The Pricing And Value Propositions Should Be Catchy:

The customers are attracted more towards the more profit providing concepts. Even if a reasonably larger amount is charged, if it provides the desired benefit, along with good output, then it is accepted by the users. So, the pricing page should be designed in such a way that it is to the point and clearly states the offers. It should be understandable.

Moreover, the offers should be stated clearly along with those extra charges which are applied when upgraded programmes are to be switched upon. In many cases, what happens is that during switching of plans, customer faces additional charges without prior knowledge. This troubles them and leads to disappointment.

3. Create The App Comfortable For New Users And Demo Of The App Should Be Given:

Some new users get irritated with the complexities of sign-up processes and usage benefits. One while developing the app should develop the instructions for signing up and usage of the product. New users don’t expect unknown phone calls from the company, your users should be guided what to expect. The onboarding process becomes easier for this.

The demonstration of what app is like should be displayed on the initial pages. These can either be in the form of screenshots of the app working on various devices, or in the form of a video showing the working of app. This makes the whole of information about the product available to the users.

4. Prices Should Be Increased, But With Care And Limit Free Benefits:

To increase the revenue, and provide better customer experience, at regular times, prices should be increased, but reasonably. The needs and wishes of the customers should be kept in mind such that no sudden increase is there, leading to sudden fall in the number of users. Taking the example of Close.io, a CRM SaaS app, which increased the prices for new customers, not for the existing ones. They also limited the free benefits. Rising the prices displays the true value of the product.

Moreover, the free trials should be limited as the reduced time span of free benefits will lead to the earlier and more frequent paid subscriptions. Thus, increasing the number of paid users. But much reduced free trials will also lead to disregard as it will not give time to the users to get comfortable with the app and know much about it.

5. Invest In The Constant Customers:

One should keep investing and upgrading in the customers who are constant with the company, these might not be those with most expensive plans. Investing in them ensures commitments as well as constancy. Better customer experience is provided to those who catch up with the brand daily. This increases recommendations for the brands in the consumer world.

So, these simple steps would be leading to a great SaaS Business with full support of those who use it.

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