Want Your Fashion Website to Be an Overnight Sensation? Simply Run These Quizzes

Fashion Website

Regardless of the number of contacts you have on social media, chances are that you scrolled through many, many results of quizzes. What makes this particular type of content so popular is the fact that quiz results allow people to identify themselves in a way and share something personal with their friends.

People can single themselves out or declare themselves a part of a community. If we take Game of Thrones as an example, a person will either be proud to share the noble characteristics of House Stark, or they will post a snarky comment expressing their scheming abilities because the quiz connected them with the one and only Cersei Lannister.

You should take advantage of the popularity of quizzes to promote your website, and especially so if you’re in the fashion industry. With the right quiz maker, you can turn the following ideas into reality and watch your website become an overnight sensation.

Which Jeans Type Suits You the Most?

Many people struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans. By building this quiz, you can do more than simply entertain your audience – you can help them find out what suits them based on their body type.

What Bathing Suit Should You Wear This Summer?

Quizzes that have a seasonal subject can bring you a lot of traffic if you post them at the right moment. Timing is everything in advertising, so as soon as Spring shows its face, you should already start driving your audience towards your summer collection.

Most people have their holidays planned out by the time spring comes, which is why they will try to curb their excitement about the upcoming vacation by indulging in some light shopping. A new swimming suit is an absolute must.

What’s Your Style?

Fashionistas belong to a group of people who are especially fond of expressing and sharing their fashion taste. You should use your quiz maker to develop a quiz that differentiates styles and allow your visitors to define themselves.

What’s the Perfect Shoe Style for You?

Fashion-savvy ladies live for the perfect pair of shoes. A quiz with this theme won’t only be entertaining for your website visitors, but also useful for you. Quizzes that showcase products are an excellent advertising medium. Instead of using random images, you can and should advertise your collection.

Which Fashion Icon do You Resemble?

Any fashion enthusiast will share their quiz results if their style is connected to the legends in the showbiz industry like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, or Marilyn Monroe. You should include some contemporary names like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian as well.

Even better – make two separate quizzes and watch the number of your website visits soar.

Are Your Clothes Flattering Your Body Type?

Similar to the jeans themed quiz, this one will also be quite suitable for insecure members of your audience. This too is an effective way to market your offer, so use your quiz builder to add images from your library.

Trendy or Not?

With this quiz, you can enable the experts among your visitors to test their knowledge. Build a quiz that contains a significant number of garments, accessories, and footwear, and present your quizzers a simple question – trendy or not?

What Does Your Jewelry Say about You?

A quiz like this is another way for your visitors to express their personality. Accessories play an important role in one’s personal fashion signature, and your visitors will be eager to find out what their choice says about them.

Are You a Smart Shopper or an Impulse Buyer?

The subject of your quizzes doesn’t have to be strictly related to clothes – shopping in general widens your options. This type of quiz will help your audience identify and gain control over their spending habits.

How Much Do You Really Know about Fashion?

This quiz will grab the attention of anyone who’s built their lifestyle around fashion. Besides, this is your opportunity to share your expertise. So, make an extensive quiz that contains questions from different eras and test your audience.

A quiz like this needs to be versatile. You need a quality quiz maker that will enable you to use different forms of question and use different types of content to make it more entertaining. If you put some serious effort into developing your quizzes, they will hold the attention of your audience.

Which Is the Perfect Brand for You?

If you participate in affiliate programs, a quiz can help you earn a few extra bucks. For this to work, you should connect the results of your quizzes with your affiliate brands.

Do You Choose Fashion over Comfort?

Choosing fashion over comfort is an everyday matter for people whose closets are bigger than their bedrooms, so this is a great way to engage those big spenders.

These ideas should serve as your base. Once you begin building quizzes, you’ll also start developing your own ideas, which you should definitely realize. Find a proper quiz maker that will provide you with effective options, mass-produce quality quizzes, and watch your income grow.

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