5 Tips to Motivate Your Child to Study

Motivate Your Child to Study

Schools place growing responsibilities on children, making it hard for them to stay on top of all academic assignments. As a result, your student might be late with their papers or reluctant to revise at home. As a parent, you can motivate your children to study harder and do better in classroom by using the strategies as suggested below.

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How to motivate your child to learn?

Create a convenient learning environment

Make sure your student has everything they need for an uninterrupted study or writing an essay– pencils, a calculator, notebooks, and other tools. Create a quiet space for them so they could focus on revision. Offer healthy snacks and plenty of water.

Establish a learning plan

Work with your students to create a plan for learning in the evenings. Set up the order of how much time should be spent on work every evening, when to take breaks, and how to prioritize one activities over others. Having a detailed plan will keep your child organized.

Engage, don’t force

Putting a pressure on the child might force them to do the homework today, but kills motivation for study in the long run. Instead, use a collaborative approach – understand what prevents the child from doing well in class and think together how the situation can be improved.

Focus on learning, not grades

Set milestones for learning and offer rewards once that milestone is completed. Examples of milestones are reading a textbook chapter, completing an essay or a presentation. This will keep the child focused on learning itself and boost motivation.

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