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With the COVID-19 creating chaos worldwide, people are requested to stay at home, so as not to contract the disease. 90% of the population is low in spirits, with a 38% increase in depression observed in the UK. But, one has to look at the positive aspects. The pandemic is a tragic incident, indeed, but it also provides the people with an opportunity to upgrade their skills.

Since people are at home almost 24*7, they have ample time to work on their shortcomings. For instance, a data science expert can enrich his knowledge on Time Series Applications. Similarly, a student can work on his writing prowess, and achieve mastery in essay writing. Certain tips have been highlighted below, which would enable you to hasten this process.

1. Topic Selection

Topic Selection is the first hurdle that the students have to deal with. But, there is an easy solution for this. If you want to write about technology, you should check out sites like Gizmodo.com, TheVerge.com, TechCrunch.com, etc. And, if you want to write about medical issues, you should read the articles published by WHO. Or, you can check out WELL, WebMD Doctors, etc. You should select a keyword and search for relevant blog posts, websites.

To get an insight into the recent events, you can refer to BBC News, National Geographic, etc. You can look into the repositories of the academic service providers to get an idea on the topics used by the experts. To know what your contemporaries are writing, check out the online student forums or the university libraries.

2. Information Gathering

Next, you have to devote your time on researching the topic you select. The resources mentioned above are an excellent starting point to gather information on the subject matter. In addition to this, you should check out newspapers, magazines to see if you find any important data. Today, most of the information is circulated on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Thus, it is wise if you study the posts related to your topic.

Are you aware of the fact that students also cite information from YouTube videos? Yes, that’s right. Often interviews by eminent personalities are helpful in backing up your content. Furthermore, Google Scholar is a good option to get access to journals in different fields of study. The peer-reviewed journals come in handy as they provide statistics, graphs, diagrams, etc.

3. Authentic Essay Structure

The essay structure is the next important aspect. Students are usually assigned explorative, descriptive, reflective, argumentative or proposal essays. While the template varies to a certain degree, the overall structure remains the same. You must begin with a catchy introduction, where you must start with a hook. Following this, you must include a thesis statement and an overview of the topic.

Next, create separate subheadings to cover the various angles in the topic. Be cautious about the word count. And, use bullet points to improve the presentation. To round up the essay, you must write a precise conclusion. Restate the thesis statement and also highlight the future scope of research. If you want to check out examples online, you can visit the samples section of Myessayhelp.co.uk, Allessaywriter.com, etc. 

4. The tone of the Passage

The tone of the essay changes as per the type of the essay. When you write an essay, you have to understand your target audience. Keeping the audience in mind, you have to adjust your style of writing as well. For instance, if you are writing for a knowledgeable audience, you have to improve the standard of writing. Your content should reflect the research you have put into the writing.

There should not be any grammatical mistakes, and you should focus on the diction. Moreover, you should see to it that you have incorporated good transition words. The readers should not feel as if they have hit a bump. Include words such as ‘nevertheless’, ‘on the contrary’, etc. Similarly, if you want to state your opinions from a layman’s perspective, resort to simple sentences.

5. Power and SensoryWords

If you want to lay emphasis on a particular point, then state it with a power word. In essence, it would be an emotional word packed with persuasion. Thus, you can write inspirational quotes or employ words like agony, lurking astounding, miraculous, alluring, captivating, luxurious, whooping etc. This is a quick way to give your writing the punch it deserves.

In addition to this, try to evoke a sense of association from the readers. For instance, insert sentences like, “Do you feel the same way as I did?” Or, you can write, “I certainly did the right thing, don’t you agree?” This asks for a passive response from the readers. Furthermore, watch the magic unfurl when you use sensory words to spice up your content. These include dazzling, fluff, thumping, vibrating, staggering, tantalizing and much more.

Hopefully, now you have an insight into the nitty-gritty of good essay writing. If you abide by the tips suggested above, it won’t take you long to stir your audience, especially your professors. Furthermore, you can take the help of modern technology to your advantage. Digital platforms like Popplet, EssayMap, Write.app significantly reduces the effort of the students.

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