5 Tips to Manage Your Personal Loan EMIs Efficiently


Taking a personal loan at a time of financial crisis or an emergency is now made easier. With everything happening online, it also helps you save on time and money. Moreover, through online banking services, you can avail all banking facilities from the comfort of your homes. Be it personal loans or any other loan, you can also calculate your rate of interests and total EMIs  in just a few clicks.

Taking a personal loan is made easier as the eligibility criteria are easy to achieve, and the interest rates are not too high. The real struggle lies in efficiently managing the personal loans and their EMIs.

You can minimise these struggles by managing your EMIs and repayments the right way. All it requires is some attention and planning. So, to help you cope with your EMIs and loans efficiently, here are five simple tips to consider:

Calculate EMI Before Applying For Personal Loans

As easy as it is to get a personal loan, managing and repaying the EMIs is not. In order to remain financially stable, you will need to invest your time and attention into it. Check your repayment capacity, and use a personal loan EMI calculator to calculate the interest rate that determines your EMI payments. It is one of the most crucial tasks to tick off your list before applying for personal loans. Consider your EMI payments before you take the loan if you don’t want to spend most of your income on the repayment of the funds used and save yourself from a major financial crisis. Make a wise decision after you have calculated and estimated all the costs and expenses meticulously.

Make Repayment Your Priority

It is very important to make the EMI payments on time and balance your income and expenses. Make sending your repayments a priority to avoid penalties and extra charges. Don’t let your dues pile up, as they may collect quickly and seem like a major financial burden with the increasing time.  Besides, it also affects your credit score. You can set up reminders and use certain apps that remind you to pay your EMIs on time.

Cut Down Or Monitor Your Expenses

When you borrow a certain amount, make sure you calculate the rate of interest and EMI payments beforehand with the help of a personal loan EMI calculator. Planing your repayments in advance can prove to be beneficial for you in the longer run. Personal loans are supposed to emit a financial crisis, but if you don’t make the EMI payments on time, it might take the shape of a financial crisis itself.  So, in order to avoid the accumulation of due payments and unnecessary burdens, start saving by cutting down a few expenses and spending only on the necessary things. Thus, save more to pay more instalments and get rid of the personal loan repayments as soon as possible.

Take Loan Amount According To Your Need

Calculate your expenses before you apply for personal loans. Don’t be amongst those who make the mistake of over-borrowing and regretting it later. Reputed banks like Axis Bank provide you with personal loans ranging from INR 50,000 up to INR 15,00,000. But it is for you to calculate and assess your expenses before applying for the loan amount. 

Create Separate Funds For EMIs

Creating a separate fund dedicated to your personal loan EMIs ensures timely repayments even during unforeseen financial emergencies. Open a separate account for your savings. Never use this account for anything else but your EMI payments. Always maintain these funds as they will help you manage your loan and its payments smoothly and efficiently.

Money Saved Is Money Earned!

Personal loans can help you fulfil certain monetary dreams or help meet certain emergencies instantly. However, to pay back the borrowed money with interest is a responsibility that tags along with the credit money. In order to efficiently handle your expenses and EMI payments, keep these five tips in mind. If you are looking for affordable personal loans with low-interest rates, browse through the online website of banks like Axis Bank as they offer amazing plans with a smooth online banking experience like nowhere else!

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