5 SEO Tactics that Improve Customer Service


Relevance is one of the cornerstones of marketing in the business world. Every business needs to outdo its competitors in terms of marshaling a brand that customers can identify with. In this era of digitalization and the internet, search engine optimization has revolutionized marketing. Businesses have been revitalized by the internet so much so that physical marketing is no longer a priority. The use of search engine optimization appears to be convenient for both the business and the clientele.

So how can you use search engine optimization to improve customer service in your business? Here are 5 simple tips to get digitally competitive.

Venture into Google My Business Service

This is a service by Google that allows a business owner to have their business identifiable on Google maps. The owner has to sign in the company and have it verified by Google. Then there is a profile that they ought to fill out for completeness. Within the profile, you need to capture all the business’s vital details, from what you deal with to all other benefits customers can get at your company.

In this section as well, are the FAQs. Remember to go through and have them correctly answered. The FAQs give an outward impression of the business, as well as offer an opportunity to immediately offer customer service, and therefore they need to provide as much information as possible.

You can also add pictures to show the customers how the shop looks like and what you sell. Customers get more confidence if they can identify with what you do even before you physically interact. Using the Google My Business service also enables you to create your business site. You can customize the site to make it more user-friendly and appealing to your customers.

Focus on the Quality of the Content

The concept of entrepreneurship is all about giving people what they need, even if they don’t initially realize they need it. A business is bound to remain relevant only if the customers can find satisfaction from it. With search engine optimization, the content that the company gives out to the public has to be relevant, meaningful, and useful to the customers. As a business owner, it is imperative to have excellent and quality content about the business.

You don’t have to come up with the content yourself if you feel like you’re not skilled in this area. Hire content creators at a reasonable cost and have quality content about your business on the internet. Quality content includes a full show of what your business brand is all about and not just the use of keyword density anymore. A quality content creator will take the business brand out there and give your customers what they are looking for.

Improve on User Experience

Before digital marketing took the business world by storm, satisfied customers used to be the mainstay of marketing. A happy customer would tell it to another curious client, and they would stream into the business. Nowadays, customer satisfaction can start on the internet.

One of the marketing goals and the use of search engine optimization is to give the customers exactly what they are looking for. If that works out fast enough, consider that customers are satisfied and bound to your business. Luckily enough, you can see how good your business is doing in terms of user experience compared to other companies. You can visit different review sites and see both positive and negative customer reviews, and if you are not satisfied with your online rating, that is always a signal to up the game.

Use of Semantic Search

Semantic search is an aspect of Google that predicts what you’re looking for from a mistyped search. For instance, let’s say that you own a clothing store in Los Angeles, California. A customer probably came by, bought a hoodie, and went back to New Jersey. They cannot remember the name of our store, but they need to recommend a friend. So the customer will go to Google and type something, pointing to a clothes store in LA. Probably, they will type something like ‘cool hoodie store Los Angeles.’ With semantics and depending on your business’s popularity, Google can redirect that search to your clothing store.

In creating an online marketing platform where you intend to benefit from Google semantics search, you should ensure that your content aligns with your customers’ inquiry. Answer their most burning question and ensure your content speaks to your audience. The mistake most content creators make is writing content meant for search engines. Instead, focus on the audience and how they will find you when creating content!

Video Marketing

Video marketing has been exponentially increasing by the day. Even with Google, they have a tab that lets you search your content in videos. As a strategy in search engine optimization, businesses are doing video marketing. All you need to do is create a video on whatever topic you need to focus on at that time and have it online, with a well-fitting name. For instance, you can do a video comparing two items that you sell at your store and show your audience how to use each item. This will create the idea of a business that knows exactly what they are doing. Anyone who searches that topic and looks for videos will appreciate your work.


As much as marketing is evolving, you should not let it run over you and your business. You have only to do as the world is doing. Search engine optimization has been a stepping stone for many businesses the world over. You, too, can change your business fortunes by adopting the future, unveiling through search engine optimization.

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