5 NEW topics to learn in your UI UX Design Course 2022

UI UX Design

From our observations of a few months post entering 2022 we bring you the latest Creative UI UX Design trends.

2020 & 2021 saw a lot of people use the internet through apps, websites and other applications, this has created a huge opportunity in the field of UI UX Design as people now continue to use these apps post the pandemic and expect more better user designs and user experience. Interested individuals can enroll for UI UX Design Course EDIT Institute.

5 things to learn in your UI UX Design Course 2022.

1. Voice Assistant

2. Dark mode

3. Big Display Compatibility

4. Reducing Complexity

5. Creative Cursors

1. Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant has been in the UX industry for quite some time in the UX industry. However, since early 2021 the use of Voice Assistant has increased, innovative TV remotes which operate through voice commands have made Voice Assistant reach every home. With people being more used to Voice Assistants this is a must have innovative feature in your UX. Consider this important if you are designing Apps for kids or elders.

2. Dark Mode

Dark Mode

The number of people using dark mode has increased significantly in 2022. You must have noticed a lot of large corporations have changed their transparent background favicons to white backgrounds, this is simply because they do not look good in the dark mode. A lot of websites and apps are allowing users to choose between a dark mode and a light mode, as a UI UX Designer, you should consider giving these 2 options to your customers. The dark mode improves visibility for visually impaired users. The official website of The White House allows you to switch between the light mode and dark mode.

3. Big Display Compatibility

Big Display computer

Google in its new update is indicating you to prepare your designs for large screens. Many of google’s audit tools point out and suggest alternatives for places where you have used a fixed width.

With many users adapting to larger screen sizes, consider UI UX Design for higher resolution screens.

4. Reducing Complexity

Reducing Complexity laptop

Most of the re-designing projects or projects related to increasing CR0 in 2022 will be directly related to reducing the complexity of the current screen and giving users a more simplistic and clean approach to his desired results. This can also be done by introducing personalization and loading content only based on the choice of the user. If you are creating a UI UX Design for a vast number of functionalities and pages, this is the most critical point for you.

5. Creative Cursor

Creative Cursor

The most simplest and elegant way to introduce design is to use innovative cursors. In 2022 cursor designs are going to trend in all segments. We are already witnessing cursors which change colors, zoom on hover, change forms. This creativity adds life to every simple UI design and prevents it from being bland. Keep and eye on creative cursors and include them in your UI UX portfolio.

At EDIT Institute we offer our students the latest industry syllabus and add on skill workshops to keep them at par with latest industry trends and make them ready for UI UX Placements in India and abroad.

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