5 Kinds of Furniture Slipcovers to Decorate Your Home

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Slipcovers for home furniture protect from dirt, dust, rodents, and weather elements. These covers used for both indoor and outdoor furniture are made of lightweight canvas or muslin. You can give your home furniture that perfect facelift with quality and functional slipcovers. There are plenty of options available in the market. You will find colorful slipcovers too for living room sofas as well as pattered ones for window seats.

According to an article published on http://edition.cnn.com, you can glam up your house with affordable décor items in no time if you want to perk up your living space. Here are five types of slipcovers for your home furniture to help you decorate:

1. Ottoman covers

If you have an ottoman and do not like its look, use a slipcover to render a new look. These materials come in a gamut of shades and fabric types to help you perk up your living area without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ottoman slipcovers are quite beneficial because this furniture piece catches dirt fast. When you use slipcovers, these protect your ottoman and you can remove these covers and wash them with little effort.

2. Sofa slipcovers

You can choose materials and render a classy look when covering all the sofa cushions with a single fabric piece. Though a single piece looks modern and neat, it’s hard to clean because the whole cover needs to be removed and washed. The easy way out is using sectional slipcovers for your sofa that swathe each of the cushions separately. This way, it becomes easy to clean and maintain when you notice a small blemish in one part of the slipcover.

3. Dining chair covers

Covering your dinner table chairs instantly facelift your dining space, making it look formal, neat, as well as impressive. Even if you have old dining chairs, the covers would help in concealing defects, stains, and chips of chair frames. These covers come handy when you are hosting a party or event in your house and do not want to buy new dining chairs. This way, chair covers help you save your hard-earned money, as you are not required to buy new furniture.

4. Headboard covers

You can perk up your bedroom décor by adding some color splash with a headboard cover for your king-sized bed. You can choose from bright shades to give your room a pop of color as well as neutral tones to make your bedroom look open. Choose slipcovers that make the bed a focal point in your bedroom and improve the look of your bed. You will find many options available and that too at affordable prices.

5. Window seat cover

Although window seats are the most favorite spot to drink your morning tea or read a book, the cushions get dirty and old without slipcovers. The cushions will fade in color dueto direct sunlight exposure and therefore, you need slipcovers to protect the cushions from fading. Do not buy new cushions, but invest in slipcovers instead.


Use quality slipcovers for your range of furniture at home to protect from dirt, dust, and color fading, especially patio, garden furniture or windows seats.

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