Best Anonymous Email: Your Private Safety Kit!

Best Anonymous Email

Even though email is becoming less popular every day, people still prefer it for safe and fast transfer of any files and documents. However, do popular emails so secure today, when news about data leaks appear every day?

Therefore, we have prepared for you some private emails that will provide you with a decent degree of security and provide an opportunity to use the functional database anonymously.

Best anonymous email: The best variants for you!


Utopia is a decentralized ecosystem that provides each user with a high degree of security for using the capabilities of Internet tools. It uses peer-to-peer architecture and has wholly abandoned storing user data on a single server. Instead, it creates personal repositories for each client. Only the client has access to them, so the risk of data leakage is completely minimized. For protection, it uses a sophisticated encryption system based on a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

Utopia is a multi-functional ecosystem that provides full and stable operation in the network. For registration, the user does not enter personal data and does not disclose his/her identity. Therefore, it can use all the tools anonymously and without the risk of data leaks.

The tools have access to such features as uMessenger, uMail, Idyll Browser, uWallet, Mining Bot. All tools are available for use in a single open window, thanks to the Hybrid Mode. All files and documents transmitted and received are encrypted and inaccessible to third-parties.


The primary protection is that the email password is not sent over the Internet, remaining on the user’s computer. The password is used on the client-side to generate a temporary encryption key for accessing the mail. Note that each time a new encryption key is created to access the mailbox. If you forget, you will lose access to your mailbox forever. A forgotten password cannot be restored.

It is simply impossible to hack your mail without knowing the login password to the mail service and the second password (you need to generate a temporary encryption key for access to the mailbox). ProtonMail uses “two-password” authentication.

All this makes ProtonMail the most secure email service in the world. You can get a mailbox on this service in just a couple of minutes.


Tutanota – is a secure email service. The main emphasis in Tutanota is on automatic encryption, and encrypted messages based on the end-to-end encryption method. That is, both encryption and decryption are performed on the user’s device so that even the creators of the service can not read the messages. Not only the emails themselves are encrypted but also the attachments, which radically distinguishes Tutanota from “ordinary” email services.

Other distinctive features of the service include the automatic deletion of the sender’s IP address associated with the message and the refusal to use the IMAP protocol, which is a plus in terms of security, as well as providing access to open source code on the GitHub project.

The service supports sorting emails, creating rules for messages, configuring notifications, personalization (adding a greeting and avatar), and creating aliases. Tutanota gives all registered users 1 GB of cloud space, which can be expanded by signing up for a Premium subscription.

Registration in Tutanota is free. You only need to come up with a username, email and password. The latter must be complex since it is also the key to the cipher.

Keep your password in a safe place. If you lose it, you will not be able to restore the mailbox. The way you send and receive emails in Tutanota is slightly different from what you are used to when working with other email services. After you write an email, click the “Passwords” button in the web interface of the service and enter the agreed password.

Choose the best anonymous email and forget about the internal and external threats of the Internet.

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