Know Your Audience To Make Instagram More Useful For Your Business

Instagram for business

You may have signed up for Instagram because you know there are millions of people waiting for new and valuable content. You know you can use this platform to tell people how your products or services can help them. Since you can share both photos and videos, you can create a good fan following in a short time. To supercharge your growth, you can always think of buying monthly auto Instagram likes. However, you need to realize that even when you have enough likes, you may still fail to improve your bottom line because your content may not be suitable for your target audience.

Graphic Design on Instagram

The golden rule of any business is “KYC” or Know Your Customer. The same applies to Instagram marketing too! Knowing who your audience is and what their interests would help you build a strong brand. While building your brand, you would already have some idea in mind about whom you are targeting, but if you don’t, you will need to build some. It is important to know whom you want as the target for your Instagram content.

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Confused? Let me help you with an example – say you started a Day Care. You would target parents who have small kids and are working. But additionally, you can target the following –

  1. Parents with two kids – one in school, one a toddler.
  2. Mother or father who is a full or part-time home-maker but unable to manage more than one kid at home.
  3. Parents who want their elder kids to engage productively while they can take care of the younger one.
  4. Kids who have grandparents at home, but since they are old, it would be a great option to send the kids to daycare for maybe, some hours!

These points will help you determine your target audience. Instagram’s demographics indicate that about 25% of users are in the age of 25-34 years, while the next bigger section around 21% is covered by users 18-24 of age. Besides, about 68% of users are female. This creates a perfect environment for the above scenario to work!

There may be some scenarios where your target users are different and not in the above age group range. Not to worry, you can still tweak your strategy on Instagram to cater to a wider audience! What’s important is to do thorough research similar to the above to identify your target!

Quick bit – Hashtags are important as people add on their content too when they see a relatable hashtag. Look for such hashtags and know what your audiences are generally interacting with. This will help you learn how to engage your target audience.

Set A Unique Style For Your Account

As Instagram is a visual platform, the first impression is created by the beauty and look of your content. Besides, it has to convey details about your business uniquely!

As beginner, you may not find this an easy task. You might as well think that you will never be able to achieve that professional and visually appealing look for your Instagram page.

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Well, that’s not true. Think about what comes to your mind first when you think about your brand. Think of the following aspects –

  1. How can colors define your page? What colors will suit the content and brand?
  2. Are you trying to make a vibrant, more prominent feel or do you want to use a lighter and sober look?
  3. Who is your target? Are you taking pictures of people, nature, materials?

The best way to find the answer to these questions is to check the most popular accounts on Instagram and know what sets them apart from other brands. This will help you get an idea for your page!

Always remember that the first impression is the last impression, which is why your first few images should be special and uncommon. There are many tools on Instagram to help you edit and beautify your photo, but there are other apps out there, which you can use to enhance your photo features.  So, do some research and let your Instagram help you run your business like a boss!

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