16 Biggest Beauty Trends to Watch in 2022

Beauty Trends

A new year is just around the corner.

This means social media will be flooded with “new year, new me” posts.

Being in the beauty industry, you have to be updated with the latest trends and styles. With trends like Korean Skincare now a staple of the industry, it’s important to find what the next best thing will be.

From being a beauty vlogger to a cosmetologist, staying one step ahead helps your career.

That’s why we compiled 16 beauty trends we foresee coming next year.

So get a pen and paper and start noting down your favorites.

Who knows, you can even combine some of them and make your own beauty trend!

1. Skinimalism

If you’ve been on Pinterest for a long time, you’ve most likely heard of “skinimalism”. If you haven’t, it’s a style where you show off and appreciate the beauty of your natural skin. This beauty trend is usually paired with little to no make-up.

2021 had been the year when people focused more on skincare routines and techniques. And we believe it’s not going anywhere.

Skinimalism, a movement that embraces simplicity in skincare, encourages the use of essential beauty products to minimize the use of harmful makeup. By adopting this approach, you can reduce the risk of skin problems, including skin irritation, that can lead to more severe issues like hyperpigmentation.

In addition to using essential beauty products, incorporating red light therapy into your skincare routine can have numerous benefits. Among the red light therapy benefits are stimulation of cellular activity and promotion of collagen production, resulting in a more youthful-looking complexion. By using red light therapy, you can further enhance your skin’s health and appearance while still adhering to the principles of skinimalism.

You don’t need to be a licensed cosmetologist to learn about the different skin types. However, being one can help you understand more about it. If you’re interested, you can get a license in 5 easy steps. If you’re not ready for the board exam, you can take a free cosmetologist practice test. They help you focus on important areas of the test.

Knowing your skin type is an important part of embracing skinimalism. Different skin care products react uniquely on different skin types. For example, if you have dry skin, you need products that provide hydration.

On the other hand, oily skin benefits greatly from products such as Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. This product contains tea tree oil that helps remove excess oil on the skin. In addition to this, the oil can also be used to combat itchiness, inflammation, and eczema.

The skincare industry has seen tremendous growth in its market. This year, it reached $155.8 billion, and by 2025, it can reach up to $189.3 billion. So you can expect more people to take care of their skin this coming 2022.

2. Blue Beauty Trend

Customers are passionately loyal to their brands. However, it has been a growing trend to produce more sustainable beauty products. The blue beauty movement also demands less plastic packaging for beauty products.

In a 2019 report, consumers are becoming more concerned with the environmental impact of beauty products. In fact, 86% of consumers are willing to reduce consumption if it means saving the environment.

To meet these demands, beauty giants are planning to shift to sustainable packaging. This means that consumers can reuse, recycle, or put to compost the packaging that came with the product. So you can expect makeup products in metal tins. This will encourage people to recycle the metal tins instead of buying new ones.

One example of a product with sustainable packaging is the Nude and Crude Shower Powder. This eco-friendly product uses cardboard as its packaging, replacing the more harmful plastic.

People are also looking into 2-in-1 bath products like the Hydrate 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar. As the name suggests, this product serves as a shampoo as well as a conditioner in one bar.

Similarly, you also want to look forward to using Earth Tu Face Geranium’s Vetiver skin stick. The tube is 100% compostable and has medicinal effects on your skin.

3. Clean Beauty Trend

In addition to eco-friendly products, consumers are also demanding cleaner ones. More people want to remove harmful chemicals from the products they consume.

Clean beauty can have various meanings to different people. While that is the case, consumers agree on one thing. It is that they want bad ingredients, like paraben, removed from their beauty products. Right now, sales of products without sulfates and other similar ingredients are increasing.

What are considered to be clean products?

Clean beauty products consist of ingredients that are:

  • Organic
  • Nontoxic
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan, and
  • Cruelty-free

So, if you want a clean beauty routine, you have to look out for these ingredients. Ideally, ingredients can range from blueberry extract to banana flower extract to coffee extract.

4. DIY Beauty Products

Being in quarantine, it’s not a surprise that upcycled products have become popular.

More and more people are embracing the idea of organic skincare products. And, instead of buying them, people are learning how to make them at home.

People are using melted cosmetics like lipstick to make the most out of their beauty products. You can watch videos of these beauty hacks on different platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

DIYs assure us that the ingredients we use for the product are safe. In addition to this, it costs less than buying a branded one in the market.

5. Textured Hair

We’ve been staying at home enough that most of us learned how to style our hair. With lesser restrictions on 2022, we’re expecting this trend to boom.

Looking into Instagram posts, you’d notice many tutorials on doing different textured hairstyles. These include curtain bangs, wolf hair, and even ‘70s style haircuts.

The reason?

Because these haircuts are easier to maintain. And you don’t need to think of a way to style your hair for an event. With the right makeup and clothing combo, it looked like you’re ready to walk the runway.

In addition to this, women of color had also embraced their natural hair curls. Much like the hairstyles mentioned, they require fewer heat treatments and maintenance. All it takes is just the right amount and proper application of coconut oil. It helps untangle the curl. Plus, it’s an easily accessible product that everyone can get their hands on.

6. Spa-Inspired Bath and Body Products

Self-care is one of the beauty trends that is staying until next year. And there’s no harm in that, especially after experiencing a global pandemic. For many, that meant investing in their beauty regimen as a way to unwind. More importantly, it also improves their health and well-being.

Demands for premium bath oils and other body care products will rise.

Products with Siberian fir, for example, help produce a relaxing aroma. They can be applied during massages after baths. They are the perfect product if you want to feel like you’re in the spa.

Your spa-like bathroom is not complete with other relaxing products.

This is in conjunction with the spa-like bathroom renovations we’ve been doing this year. People will now invest in more holistic beauty equipment like jade rollers and dry brushes.

7. Creative Nail Art

This 2022, celebrity manicurists are experimenting with everything. And we mean EVERYTHING. From glitter to sequence, happy faces, butterflies, and even dried flowers. Swiggles, swirls, and forms inspired by the 1970s are soothing and comfortable. And yet, they also give off modern vibes.

The use of an earthy color palette adds a bit of roughness to the style. On the other hand, the black and white colors show off a softer feeling.

Some patterns can be hard to do by yourself. That’s why nail technicians are also getting ready for this trend. However, you’ll be amazed by how cheap nail decals can be.

8. No-Makeup Makeup Look

Looking at social media, you’ll notice one thing: the no-makeup makeup look is still going strong. In fact, if you have naturally dewy skin and sparkling eyes, no makeup is the best look for you.

This style is the polar opposite of the normal Instagram beauty look we see all the time. It goes against the bold brows, thick coverage foundation, and winged liner look. The no-makeup makeup look embraces the natural look. It focuses more on the application than the number of makeup products you apply.

The reason why this is trending is because of the growing concern for skincare. Applying numerous beauty products on your face was found to be harmful.

This aligns with the other trends like skinimalism, blue beauty, and clean beauty trends.

9. Bleached Brows

Removing your eyebrows can be a dramatic alteration that you can make. This style offers a bold edge to any make-up, creating a unique look. However, it has been previously favored for high fashion events like the Met Gala Red Carpet.

Superstars like Kim Kardashian and Lizzo have embraced this trend. Meanwhile searches for bleached eyebrows on Pinterest have also increased by 160% yearly.

10. Colorful Eye Makeup

While Skinimalism is now a thing, dramatic eye makeup also emerged during the pandemic. This is not surprising, given that face masks divert attention to people’s eyes.

Such looks include cat eyes, vibrant colors, lash lifts, and pastel eyeshadows.

One particular eye makeup trend is graphic eyeliners. These are eyeliner styles that enhance the normal winged eyeliner. From floating crease eyeliner to dotted eyeliner, this style brings out the creativity in people.

Some makeup artists on Instagram use black-colored liners while some use colorful ones. It’s your choice which color you want to use. Literally, your imagination is your limit. You can even create a rainbow graphic eyeliner for a chic look. Or you can even put a cute ladybug on top of your black liner.

11. Celebrity Make-Up Brands

The biggest influencers are the celebrities we see on the red carpet. And because of this, they have been creating their own beauty products. Celebrity make-up brands like Fenty Beauty by Rihanna have been the buzz since 2017. And it seemed like they’re just getting started.

Beauty giants have been in pursuit of releasing complexion product colors that appeal to everyone. Partnering with L’oreal, Fenty Beauty took this to another level. The product line consists of 40 foundation shades.

People with different skin tones can choose from these shades. In addition to that, it also caters to those with different skin types. It promotes inclusivity with its wide variety of darker shades.

And now, Fenty Beauty has released its new product, the Resting Peach Face duo. It consists of the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush and a Gloss Bomb Cream. Both products are peach-hued, perfect for bringing out colors to any skin color.

The blush is sweat-proof and water-resistant, while the lip balm delivers the right amount of shine. You can use this combo for everyday looks or add a splash of color for your holiday makeup look.

The reason for their boom in the industry is the touch of personality in these products. Influencer marketing is huge these days. Incorporating their products in their lives is the easiest yet effective way of advertising them.

Aside from that, many people recognize these big names. If you ask anyone who Rihanna is, they will most likely recognize her. This is true even if they don’t watch television or follow her on social media. With such names, they can attract new customers in addition to their existing fanbase.

12. 20s-Inspired Makeup

There’s something about the decades before that gives the best makeup inspiration. It seemed unlikely, but modern-day makeup has always been inspired by the ‘20s look. From dark smoky eyes to defined brows, these looks are still trending.

The famous flapper beauty style of the roaring ‘20s is still a popular look. This was the first age in the US when women began wearing full makeup. That’s why the looks that emerged from that time are really special.

It was all about having a perfect, even complexion in the 1920s. To achieve this, you should use products like eye cream and texture smoothing cream.

In addition, people will look for a cream with celery like Volition Celery Green Cream. It helps make the skin look smooth and balances visible pores. To complete the look, a subtle blush on the cheeks using the Weis cream blush adds color to the ensemble.

13. The Y2K Beauty Trend

It’s easy to define the Y2K beauty trend. It’s all about having a fun and light-hearted perspective on fashion. This trend focuses more on playful color, details, and texture instead of heavy contouring.

Celebrities are not an exception to this trend. Lizzo put on Y2K hair clips when she attended the Grammy Awards earlier this year. On the other hand, Megan Thee Stallion was spotted with ombre lips and space buns. And, Dua Lipa was seen sporting a frosted lilac-colored eye shadow.

For this trend, hair is styled with claw clips and small pigtails. And for makeup, consider soft pinks and baby blues. To top it all off, you’d be seeing more people applying lip gloss instead of matte lipsticks these days.

People have mixed feelings about this product. However, along with skinimalism, it makes perfect sense for the Y2K lip gloss to make a comeback. It gives you a fresh look despite everything that happened. Plus, it makes people feel nostalgic, thus younger.

You just need to take the extra mile to avoid that annoying sticky feeling with this product. Choose the perfect lip gloss that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve got syrup on your lips.

14. Scalp Care

Scalp care is a part of the skincare routine that emerged this year. Beauty companies are developing more for scalp care, like LED hair masks and scalp serums.

It isn’t only about new technology, though. Concepts like “wellness” and “self-care” have become more prevalent in our everyday lives. And this also includes hair care for more holistic methods.

15. 3D Make-Up

Who says make-up is for when you’re going out? Whether it’s a Disney character or an abstract figure, make-up artists took it to the next level.

First, it was done on paintings and drawings. Now, make-up artists take the idea of 3D art to the beauty industry.

For example, Mimi Choi (@mimles) shared on Instagram her work of art. It was an entry for NYX Cosmetics’ Global Halloween Campaign this 2021. She created a lioness-Esque make-up look with fur and 3D embellishments.

This new beauty trend is fun and stylish and we’re excited to see this next year.

16. The Glittery Look

The New York Fashion Week has experienced a sparkling event. The show was dominated by LaQuan Smith’s seductive winged eyes in deep red and blue hues.

According to make-up artist Inge Grognard, the glitters looked like little diamonds. And, as they sparkled under the lights, it seemed to be dancing to the beat of music on their skin.

Glitters, whether on clothes or skin, are a good way of improving a rather dull look. Partnered with dark colors, you’ll look like wearing the galaxy on your outfit.


The beauty industry is filled with creative ways of presenting beauty to the beholder. From a natural look to more vibrant shades of make-up. While some of these beauty trends are contrasting, it just shows how beauty does not have any standards. This list of beauty trends can help you decide which look you should go for this coming 2022.

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